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3rd Quarter book report

Christina Mattes

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of CAN'T LOOK AWAY

By: Donna cooner
About the Author:
Torrey Grey
Torrey Grey is 16 years old, grew up in Boulder, Colorado but then moved to Texas. At school in
Boulder, she was the popular girl, and became one of the popular girls in Texas. She is the online fashion-sensation Beautystarz15. She shares fashion, make-up, and shopping advice on her YouTube channel. She likes Luis who helps her get used to Texas.

Miranda Grey
Miranda was Torrey's younger sister who was killed at age 11. After a fight between them, Miranda stormed off and a drunk driver swerved, hit and killed her. She was the normal annoying, but sweet younger sister. She was the complete opposite of Torrey, Miranda liked comics, superheros, insects, etc.
The cover of the book
Luis Rivera
Luis goes to the same school as Torrey. He is the only person who knows that Torrey's sister died. Luis's dad owns a funeral home. He used to be best friends with the star QB, but quit to work for his dad. Luis was then a social outcast. Hence the nickname Frankenstein. He likes Torrey and tries to get to know her.
Donna Cooner was born and raised in Texas. Now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. She went to college at Texas A&M University, and teaches and principles at Colorado State University. One of her hobbies is laughing. Her favorite
food is chocolate.

Boulder, Colorado
setting [continued]
The Grey's house
Torrey's school
Raylene Anderson
Raylene is Torrey's cousin that lives in Texas. She has a lot of spunk and positive energy. Raylene is obsessed with pet contests, and enters her cat Stu in all of them. She tries to take Stu on walks like a dog, but it never works out. Raylene and Torrey become really good friends. Raylene likes to twirl her baton and attempts to do tricks.
Blair Cunningham
Blair is the Princess of Torrey's school. She and her minions have their own lunch table. She is the head cheerleader, and is a major fashionista. Her minions are Emily Anderson and Mia Rodgers.
Plot #1
After Torrey lost her sister, her parents and her decided to go Texas to be closer with family. Miranda was even buried there. Raylene came over to meet Torrey and gave her a tour of the town.
Plot #2
plot #3
Torrey does not want to go to her new school and is hoping that nobody recognizes her from her YouTube videos, at first no one really does. At lunch on her first day, she sits with some Goth people. When they leave, Luis comes and sits by her, but she is rude to him and tells him to leave.
When she is home, Torrey opens her backpack and a note falls out saying, 'Go home Beautystarz15'. Torrey thought that it was Luis so she biked to the funeral home and found out that he wasn't there. But then he came back from his run and said that it wasn't him.
Plot #4
Torrey tries to make a video, but doesn't know what to say and she just falls apart. Then she tries again, and then just sits there recording in silence for a couple minutes. The next day in English, her teacher made the class pair up and write poems about each other and Torrey is stuck with Blair. At lunch Blair invites Torrey to sit with them. Then Blair recognized her and Torrey admitted it. Blair's minions were in shock. That night Torrey cannot sleep so she slips into her garage and takes out Miranda's backpack to look at.
PLot #5
While Torrey and Raylene are hanging out, Torrey finds that her ex-best friend Zoe posted the video of when Miranda and her were fighting before she got killed. They both said horrible things and Torrey was furious and scared that Zoe would do something like this.
Plot #6
The video that Zoe put was taken down but the horrible comments were still there. That night she goes into the garage again and instead she finds her dad crying with Miranda's mitt in his hand. So she slips back into her room without him noticing. On the track field the next day, Torrey and Luis talked while running/jogging.
Later that day at lunch Mia asks why Torrey was talking to Luis (the social outcast). Torrey finally said why she is really there. Her dad takes her to a skrink, she doesn't say anything.
PLot #8
Torrey got her driving license but was nervous to drive. Luis takes Torrey to see her sisters grave. Raylene is hosting a Halloween Costume party at her house and Torrey said that she could get Blair + Minions to go. Torrey lets Mia, Emily and Blair be in one of her YouTube Videos, but they have to go to Raylene's party. Torrey and Luis kiss cause they both like each other.
plot #9
Torrey, Blair, Emily, Mia do the video on 'How to Make Sugar Skull Make-Up'. Then they all head over to Raylene's party in their make-up. They break into the funeral home after they leave the party. Blair + minions leave her in a door that Torrey thought was locked. Torrey goes back home feeling horrible about breaking into the funeral home.
Sugar Skull Make-Up
Torrey goes to sleeps by Miranda's grave and when she wakes up Luis is sitting on a bench near by. Luis and Ross are now good friends again. Luis forgives Torrey for the break-in.
Took place in the 2000's
In the season of Fall
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