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The Bachata Latin Dance

No description

johanna maldonado

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of The Bachata Latin Dance

The Bachata Latin Dance
Five Facts About Dominican Republic:
Would you consider this dance slow or fast?
The dance i would consider would be at a medium tempo sometimes it can be fast.
Where did the bachata originate from?

What are the instruments played in this music?
The instruments played in Bachata are :
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Bass
And Sometimes Key Boards and other Percussion instruments.
Is there a singer?
Yes, There is a singer in the band. In some bachata songs it includes duets or more people to sing.
How many People are in a band for this style music?
About 6-8 People are in the Band , Possibly more in some bands.
How do we feel about this dance?
We feel as this is one of the most easiest latin dances. We do enjoy it because it is simple and one of the popular hispanic dances today and it is really fun. Also the music really goes for the beats and steps when dancing to bachata.
1. Its Capital is Santo Domingo
2. The currency is Pesos.
3. They have millatary transport issues.
4. The official Language is Spanish
5. Its flag is the only flag that has a bible on it.

It orginated from Dominican Republic
What type of clothing or footwear do they wear?
The type of clothing and footwear the dancers would wear are just casual clothes. The ladies would wear high heels or flats . Sneakers are not recommended to dance in . The band would just wear casual clothes also or wear tuxes or fancy clothing.
What parts of your body are required to move for this dance?
The parts of body that are required to move for this dance are your feet, your hips, your arms , and some upper body.
Facts about Bachata
Luis Segura is widely acclaimed as “the father of Bachata”
The Dominican style is today danced all over the Caribbean
Unlike Salsa, Bachata dance does not usually include many complex turn patterns
José Manuel Calderón is credited with recording the first Bachata songs on May 30th, 1962
This music/dance form had a rough beginning from censorship, to denigration, to almost extinction
When doing this dance do you need a partner or is it a line dance or group dance?
You can do it by yourself , with a partner , or a group.
Differences about bachata and modern day dances
Bachata is really more popular to hispanics and it is more about romance and evoulotion. Modern day dances can include more than those types of emotions.
Who started the dance?
The people who started the dance were a group of servants making music after work and would use trashcans and fences to make music from.
When did this dance begin?
This dance begun at the 1960s.
Why did they start this dance?
They didnt really start this dance for a special occasion. It has just became popular from the servants beats and dance moves .
How many steps are there?
There is a total of 8 steps. You take 4 to the left and 4 to the right.
People would sway thheir hips and etc while doing these steps as they feel the beat.
Some similarities about this style of dance and modern day.
Some similarites are they are both popular songs and these modern day dances can possibly go way back from around the 1960s like bachata.
What are some famous things in bachata?
Some famous singers or band of this type of dance style would be Prince Royce, Aventura, and Romero Santos and etc.
The famous song that this dance is done to is
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