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science project

due march 7, 2013

Andrea Dietz

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of science project

Procedure: When the ink was first introduced. Results: Materials In this lab, the student studied how black ink was affected when introduced to rubbing alcohol. The student was able to compare the reactions of the two types of black ink when drawn on a paper towel, after it was soaked into rubbing alcohol for one hour. Hypothesis The Colorful Surprises Behind Black Ink! In this lab, the student taped a two inch wide strip of paper towel to a pencil so that when the pencil was placed on top of the cup, the paper towel would dangle inside of it. The student then cut the paper towel so it would slightly touch the bottom on the cup when placed correctly. After the student cut the paper towel accordingly, they drew a line on it about one inch up from the bottom. On on paper towel, the student drew the line with a permanent marker, and on the other, the student used a washable marker. Once the line was drawn, the student poured in the rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol was poured so that it would go to about the middle of the line drawn, and the bottom of the paper towel. After that, the student placed the pencils on top of each cup, letting the two paper towels dangle inside of a separate one. The student let the paper towel soak in the rubbing alcohol for one hour each, checking on them now and then, and discovered the results to different types of black ink when introduced to the rubbing alcohol. The result that the student discovered during the investigation that the rubbing alcohol traveled upward through the paper towel, carrying with it, the black ink. The student observed that the permanent ink traveled up the paper towel leaving a purple color behind. In the end, the permanent ink ended up traveling to the pencil, and there was no longer ink on the paper towel, but it was all near the top where the pencil was with a black color again. For the washable marker, the student discovered that it left behind a variety of colors such as blue, green, yellow, purple, and pink. The student observed that the ink was spread out along the paper towel, unlike the results to the permanent marker, where the ink got bunched up near the top. By: Andrea Dietz
How will different types of black ink be affected when soaked in rubbing alcohol for one hour? The student came up with the hypothesis that the black ink would run down the paper towel, because the rubbing alcohol is pulling it down, and mix with the rest of the rubbing alcohol in the bottom of the cup. When the alcohol would mix in with the ink, the student also thought that there would be a marbled effect with a black to blue shade of ink. The next picture will illustrate the student's hypothesis. The materials the student used in the lab are:
paper towels
plastic cups
a black permanent marker
a black washable marker
rubbing alcohol
After ten minutes of soaking. What the student observed about half way through the process. The student observed that the permanent marker is starting to have a dark purple tone to it and the washable marker has a blue to green tone to it. Illustration of the Results Conclusion: The student used rubbing alcohol because it would travel up through the paper towel, and separate the colors in each marker used. For washable markers, black ink is created by combining multiple colors together. The student knows this because as the ink traveled up through the paper towel, it left behind multiple colors in layers. For the permanent black ink, the colors left behind were purple and black. This lets the student know that the ink was not made up of many colors, or that there is something in the marker that does not let the colors come through, This would happen because the marker is permanent, and it would be made up of different materials to keep the marker permanent. With a washable marker, you would not need the ingredient used in the permanent marker to make the marker permanent. This could be the effect to the different colors of ink on the paper towel. Question:
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