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Independent Novel Study Presentation How-To

No description

Becky Zerr

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Independent Novel Study Presentation How-To

Your Book Title and Author
Tell where this book takes place and when.
Point of View
Tell the point of view the book from which the book is told.
Mood and Tone
Identify and explain both the mood and tone of the book.
Explain the type of conflict in this book and describe it. (Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Self, or Man vs. Society)
Main Character:
Include the characterization for your main character here.
Plot Diagram
(insert the image of your
plot diagram here)
List and explain
the theme(s) of the novel. Include an image that supports the theme.
Explain the significance of the title here.
Insert Book Review Here
Film yourself talking about your most and least favorite part of the book, and whether or not you would recommend it to a friend. Insert the video here to end your presentation!
About the Author
Tell us about your author!
Full name
Born/Died (or still alive!)
College attended (or tell us if they didn't go to college)
How old they were when they wrote your book
If they have a family, and who
Where they currently live, or last city they lived in before they passed away
A picture of them!
Remember all of those vocabulary words you have been collecting from your novel? Make them into a wordle, and put the image here!
Go here for tips and tricks! http://www.wcs.edu/instructionaltech/wordle_how_to.pdf
Figurative Language:
Select your top three examples of figurative language from your collection, and make sure they are all different types (metaphor, simile, idioms, personification, hyperbole, symbolism, etc.) List the quotes from the book here and identify the type of figurative language.
Your Name
Include an image that supports this.
Include an image that supports this.
Include an image of what you think the main character would look like (and cite the source!)
Important Characters:
List the important characters here, and include an image of how you image each one here. (Leave out the main character, because they will have their own moment in the spotlight!)
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