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the house on zapote street


Isabella Guba

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of the house on zapote street

Nicomedes Márquez Joaquín
: May 4, 1917
Manila, Philippines
: April 29, 2004
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Pen name
: Quijano de Manila

He is a Filipino Writer, Historian, and Journalist. He is conferred the rank and title of the National Artist of the Philippines for Literature.
Cabading's residence at the Zapote Street, Rizal

Quitangon's residence at Cavite
Leonardo Quitangon - Lydia's husband

Lydia Cabading - the only daughter of the Cabadings

Pablo Cabading - Lydia's strict father

Mrs Cabading - Lydia's mother. An underdog to Pablo Cabading

Nonilo Quitangon - Leonardo's brother who witnessed the incident

Gene Quitangon - Leonardo's brother

Eulogio Quitangon - Leonardo's father
Falling Action
Nick Joaquin
Rising Action
The House on Zapote Street
Awarded National Artist of the Philippines for Literature in the year 1976.
Point of View
Third Person

- Family is the principal institution for the socialization of children. It must work as a whole to be called as such.

- One of the most abrasive part of a married life is still being too controlled and too protected by parents.

Still being under the roof and custody of the Cabadings, Leonardo and his wife planned their escape. As Leonardo found out how manipulative his father-in-law was.

Leonardo married Lydia. The couple spent their first months in the house on Zapote Street. The head of the family, Pablo, was a policeman. The father-in-law was very strict with his house rules. Leonardo then realized why his wife was always hysterical. Leonardo was at his limit so he decided to leave. He successfully escaped, along with his wife, from Pablo. But they returned to the house because Pablo requested to see Lydia again. Unfortunately, the couple were murdered inside the house by Pablo. Pablo then committed suicide after hurting his wife, killing his son-in-law and his very own daughter.
Man vs. Man
Leonardo was forming his own family alongside with his father-in-law, Pablo, meddling with him.


Leocadio Joaquin – one of the Colonel of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in 1896 Revolution. He became a successful Lawyer after the revolution.


Salome Marquez – a teacher in English and Spanish
Nick Joaquin

After being read poems and stories by his mother, he became interested in writing. He published his first book at the age of 17.

He is considered the third most important writer, after José Rizal and Claro M. Recto.

Parental Rights

Absence of Liberty
Pablo wounded his wife, killed his son-in-law, and killed his very own daughter.
Leonardo wanted to settle with Lydia.
Lydia's father would approve of their marriage if Leonardo could afford a dowry of 5000php and a big wedding celebration.
Pablo asked for Lydia to see her mother. Even though the couple knew how Pablo would treat them, they still came because Pablo threatened Leonardo and his family.
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