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9th Grade Journals

No description

Stacy Egan

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of 9th Grade Journals

Journal #2: T-P-S
Journal #51: Practice Quiz
9th Grade Journals
“You can make anything by writing.”
C.S. Lewis

Journal #47
1. Who is Zeus?
2. Who wrote THE ODYSSEY?
3. Who is the god of the sea?
4. Who is the goddess of wisdom?
5. Who is the beautiful nymph who imprisons Odysseus for 7 years?
6. Name the Sirens:
7. Describe why Odysseus doesn't kill Polyphemus.
8. What do Circe and the Sirens have in common?
9. Who is Telemachus?
10. Where Odysseus's first great war was fought:
Watch "The Power of Thought" clip and respond to the questions below in
State some of the thoughts you had while watching this clip.
the information that was
to you.
ways in which this new information could help IMPROVE certain aspects of your life.
Journal #43
What is a hero? Quickly list some characteristics of a hero.
In a paragraph, describe how Kaleb Eulls could be described as a hero.
Journal #41: On Article "Only Daughter"
Journal #42: Using the 5WH highlighted on your article, summarize the main ideas in a fluent paragraph.
Journal #44
what we've read so far in "The Things They Carried"
WHO is the main character and what important information do we know about him?
WHERE/WHEN is this taking place?
WHAT is basically going on in the story?
WHY is that going on?
on your thoughts, ideas, and questions.
Who/what can you relate to?
Which part surprised/interested you?
Predict what might happen next.
Journal #45
In 1-2 sentences, SUMMARIZE what you read last Thursday. (5W,H)
Discuss 1 piece of information that was new/interesting.
Discuss 1 CONNECTION you made during the reading.
Journal #46
In "The Things They Carried" the men carried 3 types of tangible items: items necessary to live, items necessary for comfort, and items necessary for their jobs.
1. Make a list of at least
0 tangible items that you carry out of NECESSITY (to live, work, go to school, sports, etc.)
The men also carry INTANGIBLE items: emotions of regret, shame, fear, love, longing, guilt, responsibility, etc.

Make a list of the intangible items (at least 5) that you carry:
Write a paragraph explaining what EACH tangible item that you carry says about you. (ex: carry a water bottle: says you are active, healthy, etc.)

Write another paragraph explaining what EACH INtangible item that you carry says about you. (ex: carry regret: says you've done something you wish you hadn't, and haven't done anything about it.)
Journal #

You've completed scheduling for your sophomore year!
Write a paragraph discussing any of the following:
What classes are you taking next year?
Which classes are you MOST excited about?!? Explain.
Which classes are you worried about? Explain.
Predictions: Will sophomore classes be easier or more difficult? Why do you believe this to be true?
Journal #54

Which "success" indicators do I recognize in myself?
Which "unsuccessful" indicators do I recognize in myself?
What are 2-3 things I can do to be MORE SUCCESSFUL?
Summarize the article: President
+ Your thoughts: How would you have felt? What could you connect to? Would you ask the author OR the President any questions if you had the opportunity?
Journal #48a.

-Read page 889 of your GOLD literature book.
Discuss your life journey:
Have you had to work hard for something?
Have you accomplished any goals/dreams?
What are your plans for the future? Give details about how you plan to to achieve your dreams.
Journal #48b.

-Read page 890 of your GOLD literature book.
What makes a hero? (Explain, NOT list.)
Write the names of 2-3 people you consider to be heroic.
EXPLAIN how they demonstrate heroic characteristics. Give REAL LIFE examples for each person.
Journal #49
Describe what this song appears to mean to the artist: Michael Buble.
Describe a connection that you made to the song.
Make a connection between this song and TTTC.
Make a connection between this song and Odysseus.
Journal #50: Think-Pair-Share
1. Summarize what happened in "Cyclopes":
2. Describe the most interesting/shocking/exciting part:
General Statement about partners entry.
Did they forget to add any important details?
One thing you found interesting...
One way that YOUR entry connects to PARTNER'S entry...
Journal #52: Think-Pair-Share

Which story did you most enjoy:
The Witch Circe
Land of the Dead
Sirens; Syclla & Charybdis
(1) Introduction Statement: My favorite story from "The Odyssey" is...
(3-5) Summarize what happened in your favorite story: 5W,H
(2-4) Describe the best part, using SENSORY DETAILS.
(1) Conclude: Re-state reasons and main idea.
General Statement about partners entry.
Did they forget to add any important details to summary?
One thing you found interesting...
One way that YOUR entry connects to PARTNER'S entry...
Journal #53
Discuss your Spring Break.
Use 4 sensory details words for EACH of the 5 senses: 20 total sensory detail words.
May discuss ONE important event, or multiple aspects of break.
Journal #54
Over break, you were able to spend more time than usual with the adults in your life. This could mean your own parents/guardians/aunts/uncles/grandparents, OR the parents and extended family of your friends.
How do people of your age group differ from adults?
What kinds of things bothered you about adults over break?
At any point, did you get annoyed by rules or expectations that adults enforced over break?
Did the adults in your life get on your nerves during break? Explain.
What kinds of things bother adults, but don't bother you?
Journal #55
1. Find a statement from R+J Anticipation Guide that you believe to be TRUE.
2. Write a PERFECT paragraph, using the true statement as your TOPIC SENTENCE.
Topic Sentence
Supporting detail #1
Supporting detail #2
Supporting detail #3
Clincher (Conclusion): re-state main idea (which is your topic sentence.)
Journal #55: Perfect Paragraph
"How are Teens and Adults different?"
1-Topic Sentence: Main idea (change question into a statement)
2-TRANSITION, Reason #1
3-TRANSITION, Reason #2
4-TRANSITION, Reason #3
5-TRANSITION, Conclusion: Re-state MAIN IDEA.
Partner Check:
1.Is the TOPIC SENTENCE clear? Yes/No
2. Does each sentence DIRECTLY support the T.S.? Yes/No
3. Are there any UNRELATED IDEAS in the paragraph? Yes (give sentence #) or No
4. Does the conclusion maintain the MAIN IDEA without being EXACTLY THE SAME? Y/N
Journal #56
Use 5W,H: Summarize what you read from your independent novel.
(At least 5 sentences.)
Journal #57
Are Romeo and Juliet "in love" or just "in lust"? Discuss the meaning of the words "love" and "lust".
Do you think love at first sight is possible? Is it real love?
How much time should a couple spend getting to know each other before moving to an"exclusive" relationship?
How long should a couple date before getting married?
Is there only one true love or "right" person?
Journal #58
Answer the following questions in a paragraph:
What was this song about?
Which lyrics did you find interesting/funny?
With which lyrics could you most relate? Explain.
Journal #59: 5W,H- Summarize
Discuss the following, as it applies to R+J Act IV, scene i:
-WHO was involved?
-WHAT happened?
-WHERE/WHEN did it take place?
-WHY did it take place?
-HOW did it take place?
WITHOUT TALKING, switch your journal entry with a partner. Read their entry, then answer each of the following in
What were your overall thoughts on your partner's entry?
Do any of your partners thoughts compare to your own? What was similar? What was different?
What did you find interesting about your partner's entry?
Journal #3
Describe the advantages to making reader's connections:
Describe the what a reader's connection is...who connects what with what?
How will it make life easier?
NEXT, begin reading your independent novel. You will have
10 minutes
to find
3 connections
to the text.

Journal #4: Peak and Pit of your Weekend

If you've watched the Kardashians, you might know that after every vacation, they each discuss their own peak and pit, or best and worst parts of their trip.

Discuss the peak and pit of your first weekend of the school year. Your topic sentence should incorporate what your entire paragraph will be about. (For example, "I had many ups and downs this weekend.")
Journal #5: TMDG Option 1 or 2
Journal #6: Predictions

Before reading "The Most Dangerous Game," use the words in the title as well as the introduction to the film to make an educated prediction of the content of this story. In other words, what do you think this story might be about, and what makes you think that?
Part 2: 4 Reader's Connections to TMDG

-The part when _______ happens in the book reminds me of ________ in my life.
Journal #7
Write a paragraph about your weekend; the topic sentence should say:

"One word that describes my weekend is _____________."
Detail #1 with support...
Detail #2 with support...
Detail #3 with support...
Clincher/conclusion sentence.
Journal #7 (Adv.)
Write a paragraph about your weekend. Use ONE adjective in your topic sentence that helps summarize what your paragraph will be about.

Topic Sent. w/ descriptive adjective
Detail #1 w/ support
Detail #2 w/ support
Detail #3 w/ support
Clincher/conclusion sentence
1. Make a list of the MAIN points of the story. (3)
2. Expand each of the items listed in Step 1. Think of
that support the main items.
3. List your thoughts and feelings on each of the main points. Give examples from your own life that relate to these points when possible.

PART 1: Brainstorm
Journal #8: Peak and Pit of TMDG
We've just finished reading our first short story of the year: The Most Dangerous Game. You will be writing 2 paragraphs:
Discuss your favorite parts of the story
Content: did the topic interest you? (hunting)
Characters: did anyone stand out for any reason to you?
Rising action: did any of the events leading up to the CLIMAX surprise or entertain you?
Climax, Falling Action, Resolution: What did you think about the Climax? Did you enjoy how the story resolved?
Discuss the parts of the story that you didn't like, or placed that you think could use improvement.
Did you like the content?
Did an of the characters effect you in a negative way?
Did you like how the story ended?
Journal #9: Test Evaluation
I think I did _____________ on TMDG test.
Discuss how you studied (read over study guide, quizzed w/ a partner, covered the answer and quizzed yourself, created notecards, etc.)
Discuss how often you studied, and for how long.
Discuss the sections of the test that you found to be easy (vocabulary, questions about the story, literary terms, etc.)
Discuss the sections that gave you the most difficulty. (vocabulary, questions about the story, literary terms, etc.)
CONCLUSION SENTENCE: creatively re-state your topic sentence.
J#10: Gift of the Magi Predictions
Journal #11: What do you TREASURE?
Make a list (bullet point) of things that you treasure, or value. This can include people, places, objects, ideas, memories, etc. ANYTHING THAT YOU COULDN'T IMAGINE LIVING WITHOUT.
Part 2: Choose the 3 most important items on your list, and write about them.
Describe each item/person/memory in DETAIL
Discuss why it is so important
Give life examples for support
Journal #10
SUMMARIZE the story of "The Lady or the Tiger" (5W,H: as SPECIFIC as possible)
Write your own ending (no more than a paragraph)
Journal #13: *Peak & Pit*
2 Paragraphs: Discuss the peak and pit of your first high school homecoming weekend.

-Paragraph #1: "The peak of my weekend was...."
-3 sentences of supporting details
-Conclusion sentence
-Paragraph #2: "The pit of my weekend was..."
-3 sentences of supporting details
-Conclusion sentence
Clear your desk of everything except JOURNAL #13
Move to a desk that's at least 2 rows away from your own
Read both paragraphs; respond with
4-5 sentences
below their entry:
What are your
overall thoughts
on their weekend
How was that person's weekend
to your own?
How was that person's weekend
from your own?
Make a
to something you read in their journal.
Journal #14: 3 Types of Irony
Give a definition and example for each type of irony:
Describe the irony in "Gift of the Magi"
Journal #14
Choose 1 statement from "Gift" anticipation guide.
Further explain your stance; use examples and specific arguments for support.
Leave your journal open on your desk; find another desk and sit down.
Read the journal at the new desk; respond with your own viewpoint:
Do you agree/disagree with that person's stance?
Use examples; specific arguments
Did you learn anything new/interesting?
Journal #15: Peak
In 1 paragraph, discuss the best and worst parts of your weekend. TRY to use at least 3 of the 13 vocabulary words within your paragraph.
Agile discreet chaste prudence fob chain pier glass mendicancy meretricious ravage depreciate instigate flat cascaded

Topic sentence that embodies your ENTIRE weekend.
3-6 Supporting details
Conclusion sentence that RE-STATES your topic sentence.
Journal #15: Compare
How did the "Gift of the Magi" test compare with "The Most Dangerous Game" test? Follow the answer plan below to answer the question in a perfect paragraph.
Topic Sentence: The "Gift of the Magi" test was ________________ than "The Most Dangerous Game" test.
Supporting detail: describe which sections of the test you found to be easy
Supporting detail: describe your study habits for this test (did you spend more time studying at home, in class, etc.)
Supporting detail: describe what kind of grade you think you deserve on this test.
Conclusion sentence: Re-word your topic sent

J#16: Summarize Sports Drink Article
Journal #17
Write a quick story about the image below. Use at least 3 of your vocabulary words from "The Necklace".
dowry vexation instinctive pauper incessantly
predicament scanty disconsolate exorbitant
Journal #18
Discuss: Envy
What does it mean?
It it usually associated with positivity or negativity?
What inspires envy?
Have you ever felt envy?
Has anyone been envious of you?
Discuss the word in other ways...
Journal #19
Discuss: Envy
What does it mean?
It it usually associated with positivity or negativity?
What inspires envy?
Have you ever felt envy?
Has anyone been envious of you?
Discuss the word in other ways...
Journal #20: Character Traits
List 5 character traits of:
Journal #19
Summarize the story of "The Necklace" in a paragraph that answers the following:
are the main characters?
were the 2 main conflicts? (pre-ball; post-ball)
did this story take place?
did this story take place?
was the conflict such a big deal? (Discuss classes)
was the conflict resolved?
Journal #21
Should high school students be allowed to trick-or-treat?
Take a side, explain your reasoning
Should high school students want to trick-or-treat?
What are the pros and cons of trick-or-treating as a teenager...
Student voice
Journal #22
Summarize "Hoosiers" in 2-3 sentences:
1st sent--

were the main characters?
was the main conflict?
did this take place?
2nd sent--
is the conflict such a big deal?
was the conflict resolved?

Create a plot line for this story:
characters and setting
Inciting Incident:
what started the action?
Rising Action:
events leading up to climax
Turning point in the story
Falling Action
: events leading to resolution
how the conflict was resolved
Discuss some possible themes of this movie. Be sure to support your claims with examples from the film.
Journal #23
"Perfect Paragraph"
Which of the Civil Rights Movements interested you most?
Support #1
Support #2
Support #3
Conclude by re-stating Topic Sent. using different words.
Trade journals with someone who sits at least 2 rows away from you.
Read their paragraph on a Civil Rights Movement.
Respond on their journal with a paragraph of your own:
Reflect on their journal: what did you agree/disagree with? Did they bring up a point you hadn't thought of?
What else can you say about their topic?
How does their topic differ from yours?
How does your topic relate to theirs?
Conclude with the main message of your paragraph, or something that will tie up loose ends.
Journal #24: Extended Paragraph (6-8)
During the Emmett Till trial, many people (both black and white) were afraid to come forward with evidence against Milan and Bryant. For a full minute, think about why that might have been the case.
Answer Plan:
Topic Sentence:
Turn the question into a statement; you may or may not want to include your opinion in this sentence.
Support 1:
Discuss 2-3 reasons why it might have been difficult for people to do the right thing in this case.
Support 2:
Put yourself in their shoes: at the time, what would you have done? Explain.
Support 3:
Is it possible for ONE person to make a difference? Explain by relating to the Till case.
Conclusion Sentence:
Conclude by using new words to re-state your main message.
Start your journal with this sentence:
"I'm looking forward to break because ....."
What do you have planned over break?
What holiday events are you looking forward to?
What are your favorite things about the winter holidays?
"In conclusion,
[re-phrase your main idea about break]

Journal #25
Read your partner's journal and:
Respond with a PARAGRAPH:
Topic Sentence
Comments, observations...
Make a connection to your own journal...
Conclusion Sentence
Journal #26: T-P-S
You've had 20 days off of school! You've probably experienced holiday festivities, gifts, and a snow storm...

Write 2 paragraphs:
1 paragraph discussing the
of break
1 paragraph discussing the
of break.
Journal #27: Perfect Paragraph

What kind of person is Hiram Hillburn?
Topic Sentence (give a trait)
Explain trait
Show 2 examples from the novel
Conclusion Sentence
Discuss possible themes, or main ideas, of TKMB.
[Answer Plan]
Topic Sentence, introduces theme/s
Find 2 or 3 examples from the text that show evidence of the theme.
Conclude with a creative/relevant statement.
 Daily Dilemma (Front sleeve)
 Answer Card: A,B,C,D (Front sleeve)
 Character Traits/Sensory Words

Literary Concept
#1-#10, #11-20 (
 Journals #1-#28 (
; behind
Lit. Concepts
 Short Story Bookmark (
of binder)
 Critical Reading Strategies (
of binder)
 Perfect Paragraph Packet (
of binder)
 Semester 1 Study Guide (
of binder)

Journal #1 !!!!!
Start and end your journal by finishing the sentences below, and answer the prompts to complete the body of your extended paragraph.
"I was expecting my first week of freshman/sophomore year to be ____________ and/but it was actually _________."
Support your topic sentence with details; why was your first week that way?
What will your favorite classes be? Why?
In which classes will you struggle? Explain.
Do you have friends in your classes/have you met anyone new?
What are your goals for the year?
"In conclusion, I think high school will be ____________________."
Journal #2
Create a short story with a well-developed
. {Where, When, Who}

Somewhere within the story, try to incorporate as many vocabulary words as you can.
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