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The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers were very important for ancient civilizations

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Mia Q.

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers were very important for ancient civilizations

After moving to the plains they had water and land for farming, but there were new obstacles. One of the major obstacles was uncontrolled water supply. It was good to have water now, but the rivers had flooded multiple times causing crops to be washed away. In the spring the snow melted from the mountains and flowed into the rivers. It was a constant struggle to grow crops, so the Sumerians built levees along the sides of the rivers to keep from flooding. they dug canals to shape the path the water took. Over time they built dams and pools to store water into to last, but not over use. They were able to create a complex irrigation system and were forced to work together to clean and maintain the canals, so that they would not clog with silt. Villages would scoop water from each others reservoirs to even the water levels. through working together villages became towns and eventually grew into becoming cities.
Topic 4
Once the people who lived in the foothills moved to the river valley, they created irrigation systems to save precious water they needed. This helped because farmers now had water for their crops to grow and they would grow extra food. These led to the rise of city states. A city state is a small city that is a tiny independent country with its own laws and government .
Topic 5
I think that civilization is when people work together to create an environment where everyone can live in together with each other. the Sumerians were able to create a civilization by working with each other to provide food, water, and shelter for their people. By working together they went from small villages to growing towns and cities. Starting out as enemies they learned to work together and eventually became allies and create a civi
How were the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers so important to ancient civilizations
by Mia Quintana
How were the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers so important to ancient civilizations?
The ancient people of Mesopotamia went through a hard time. In the plains between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers the sun beat down fiercely, and there wasn't enough water to grow plants for the farmers. There also was a problem with the supply of building materials. Mesopotamian people had four key problems overall. One problem was if you lived in the hills, you worried about food shortages. Another problem was uncontrolled water supply in the plains. The third problem was you had to worry about attacks from other people who lived near by. Lastly, they had a hard time building and maintaining irrigation systems that villages needed to share. What a hard lifestyle!
Relocation of the tribes
The small tribes living in the hills were forced to move to the fertile plains, due to agricultural and water shortages. There was not enough land for farming and very little rain for the tribes to grow crops. The plains were unoccupied and provided both land and water making life much easier for the tribes to live at. in the spring the rivers flooded spreading water. This was a good spot for farming. More people moved to this region and became known as Sumer. People from this land were known as Sumerians.
Important words to know
Irrigation Systems- a means of supplying with water
Levees- an earthen wall built to along a river to prevent flooding
Sumerians- Ancient people who lived in the geographic region of Sumer
Canals- An artificial waterway to control where water goes
Dams- A way of blocking water and allowing it to pool
Reservoirs-a man made lake to store water
City States-a small city that is like a small independent country with its own laws and government
History Alive history book
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