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HIV / Aids as a limit to development

A2 Limits to development

David Rey

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of HIV / Aids as a limit to development

Conclusion Thank you for your attention! Overall macroeconomic impact of HIV... is here Limits to growth Population
Health sector
Education Two thirds of those infected with HIV live in sub-saharan Africa Economic Impact: Think about the impact on the following Health Costs HIV / Aids The figures are likely to be an underestimate due to stigma and denial In sub-Saharan Africa, the direct medical costs of AIDS (excluding antiretroviral therapy) have been estimated at about US$30 per year for every person infected, at a time when overall public health spending is less than US$10 per year for most African countries.

Including anti-viral drugs the cost is estimated to be $100 per year per person infected. Household impact Loss of family member
Granparents looking after grandchildren
Loss of household income
Reduction in expenditure on food & clothing (impact on consumption) Impact on education Children taken out of school
Teacher shortages
Lack of education leads to further ignorance Impact on business Productivity of workers
Number of working days lost to illness
loss of workers
Cost of employment
Healthcare costs
Funeral costs Macro-economy impact of HIV *Reduced competitiveness due to lower productivity
*Increased healthcare costs leading to budget deficit and opportunity cost
*Fall in incomes and living standards Manto Tshabalala,
Dr beetroot, Health
Minister, South Africa
from 1999-2008
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