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Maid in Egypt

No description

Aya Farid

on 22 November 2015

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Transcript of Maid in Egypt


in Egypt

4- Business Plan
1- Concept Statement
Need – Today’s world
2- Target Market
1) Target Market for Households/offices:

Phase 1 Target:


High income segment
Extroverts, working, internet users
Primarily females

Phase 2 Target

Offices/small companies

Owners who do not have regular cleaning service
Owners do not need the office/company to be cleaned every day due to the type of business (i.e. out of office job)
1) Concept Statement
2) Target Market
3) Competitive advantage
4) Business Plan
3- Competitive advantage
Competitive Edge:

First-Mover in the market
Offers different types of cleaning (
basic clean, deep clean
Hire Egyptian and foreign maids
Safety and reliability
Customer service

Your personal housekeeping, just a click away ..
a) Households

Fast paced
More women joining modern workforce
Home chores consuming time and energy
Hassle to get safe, reliable help
Need for customizable services (availability , duration, price, quality)

b) Maids

Need for customer base & marketing
Safe working environment
Convenience in working hours & location
Stability and benefits

Concept Statement
Service Offering
How it Works for Households?
6 easy steps :

1) Choose instant booking or schedule an appointment
2) Choose/ enter address
3) Choose service required
4) Wait for a maid to accept
5) Track your maid (name , picture and current location)
6)Review and rating

Maid in Egypt is the solution

Based on shared economy concept
Leveraging technology to link reliable maids' services to homes


Instant booking & scheduling
Effortless payments
Exceptional home cleaning at your door
Different service packages
Reviews and ratings

Concept Statement
Service Offering
Concept Statement
Service Offering
How it Works for Maids?
5 easy steps :

1) Go to the web page or app, choose “Join as a Maid”
2) Enter your personal details
3) Attach required documents
4) Submit and wait for our call
5) Interview and you are good to go

Target Market
Sources of Revenues :

Monthly subscription for Maids.
Offering housekeeping materials through exclusive contracts

Sources of Cost

Platform development and maintenance.
Benefits for Maids.
Customer service & operations.
Smartphones’ expenses.
Needed Trainings & On-boarding.

Business Plan
Phases & Timeline
2) Target Market for Maids:

Target Market
Fairly educated
Preferably mobile literate

Prepared by:

Aya Youssef
Karim Riad
Mohamed El Nomrossy
Omar Fahmy
Randa El Masry


in Egypt
MGMT530701 - Entrepship AND Innovation (Fall 2015)
Instructor: Dr. Tarek Hatem
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