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No description

michael klemett

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Shrek

by Michael

Shrek is a ogre that lives in his swamp
then grows up makes friends like donkey puss in boots and has wife and kids and goes on adventures to help him or his family
or friends
Donkey is donkey that was treated
bad before donkey ran away and found Shrek then Shrek was going to bring donkey back to the castle but then they were tricked so shrek
keeps donkey and donkey grows up has a wife and kids.

puss in boots
Puss in boots was in the movie in Shrek
2 when Fiona picked him up from the streets he had his own movie with Humpty Dumpty and a swan the makes golden eggs

Fiona was princess til Shrek came and saved from the castle with dragon then at the ending in the movie Shrek and Fiona kiss then she turns into a ogre
Shrek dance party
Shrek and

shrek the other movies
Shrek the first movie was that he had to save Fiona
and give her to the king but then they fight and Shrek and Fiona get married Shrek. Shrek 2 Fiona parents invite them to the castle then Shrek Shreks the fairy god mother the end Shrek 3 they live in a castle Shrek 4 Rumpelstiltskin makes a wish to Shrek
then Shrek wishes he has no family then he has to stop the curse.
more Shrek information

Shrek has 3 kids he has his own
swamp he dosent like villagers
at his swamp he has a house right next to the swamp he has bushy eyebrows.
why Shrek is green
Shrek is green because he was based
on the original book
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