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Author's Purpose

No description

Rebecca Lambert

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose
What are we working on?
RI.7.6 Determine an author’s point of view or purpose in a text and analyze how the author distinguishes his or her position from that of others.
What is author's purpose?
Now Let's Practice!
But first:
In other words...
I can determine an author's purpose.
The reason why an author writes something.
**Fill in your foldable as we go.**
Some reasons why authors write:
To inform or explain
Inform means to give someone information about something.
Examples: encyclopedias, school newsletters, instructions, pamphlets from health clinics, maps, timelines, schedules, charts, graphs
To Persuade
Persuade means to try to convince someone to
think the same way you do.
Examples: advertisements, newspaper editorials, junk mail, posters, speeches, bumper stickers, billboards,
To entertain
Entertain means to amuse someone.
Examples: fictional stories, comics, poems, jokes, riddles
To express an opinion
Expressing an opinion means to tell the reader what you are thinking. Personal thoughts are told.
0 voice level, listening for each question
Raise your hand if you need help
Practicing author's purpose with white boards; wait for teacher direction to hold up your board
Stay in seats
Answering questions on white boards; appropriately using materials
Write persuade, inform, entertain, or express an opinion for each question on your white board
1. A student handbook giving students the school rules, policies, and schedules.

2. A humorous story about a boy building his own solar car and racing it.
3. When you wear these, you are sure to win the race!!! Superstar Makers!!! Only $129.95!
4. A man wrote an article in the local newspaper telling about the need to recycle in the community. He gave reasons why recycling is important and ways it can be done easily.
5. A story about a magical horse that could fly. When someone rode this horse, their dreams and wishes come true.
6. A speech about the student body president's views on school lunches.
7. A chapter in a science book explaining how blood circulates through the body.
8. A fairy tale about a beautiful princess falling in love with a leprechaun.
9. A chapter in a text that gives the history of the Cherokee Indians and their life on a reservation.
10. A short story in a literature textbook about a boy who collects words and shares them with others. This boy helps people feel better about themselves because he gives them words of praise or encouragement or sometimes words that remind them of a fond memory.
11. A speech written by a politician to the public telling them about beliefs and causes that are important to the politician and to encourage people to vote for him.
12. A poster on the wall in a classroom illustrating and giving facts about the phases of the moon.
13. A chapter in a social studies textbook explaining the reasons for the Civil War.
14. A comic in the school newspaper. The first block shows a student littering. The second block shows a group of students standing around talking and littering. The third block shows a student telling them not to litter. The next block shows all the students picking up the trash on the school campus. The final block depicts the students smiling and holding a sign that says, "Let's work together and keep our campus clean."
15. A novel telling the story of a mother wolf that rescued an orphaned deer and their bond and friendship with one another.
16. Don't miss our greatest sale of the year! Yes, you heard right. Everything in the store will be on sale. We value our customers and want to show our appreciation. So come on down and save!! Everything in the store is 25%, 50%, even 75% off this Saturday from 6 a.m. till noon. Don't be late!
17. Voting Rules:
Sign in & get ballot.
Go to private booth.
Place marked ballot in box.
18. Many years ago, there lived a feisty little monkey named Swinger. His parents named him that because he spent his day swinging from tree to tree. One day he met a flea. The flea said, "I bet I can make you fall to the ground next time you swing."
The monkey laughed and said, "You've got a deal. If I win, you have to tell everybody that I'm the greatest monkey in the land."
The flea agreed. When Swinger was in mid-swing he felt a bite and had a horrible itch. He let go of the vine to scratch. When he did, he fell to the ground. The flea laughed and said, "I told you I could make you fall to the ground you silly monkey," and ran home laughing all the way.
If you have a phone that can get apps or use the internet (without wifi), bring it to class tomorrow! If you can, download the Socrative, student clicker app.
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