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Emperor Qin: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Joey Belmore

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Emperor Qin: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good of Emperor Qin
Ended Feudalism
Strong Army
Great Wall
Emperor Qin:
The Good,
Bad and,

Emperor Qin ended fuedilism and unified China
Emperor Qin had a very strong army that protected China
Emperor Qin had the Great Wall built to protect China from invaders
Emperor Qin had roads built for the capital city for people to get around
The Bad of Emperor Qin
Great Wall
Burned Confucian Books
Public Works
Killed Confucian Scholars
Many farmers didn't want to build the Great Wall but Qin forced them to build it anyway
Qin burned Confucian Books
Emperor Qin developed a very strong Chinese government
The Ugly of Emperor Qin
Death, Whatever
Emperor Qin was a legalist and believed in harsh punishments to the wrong that people did
Emperor Qin made Chinese farmers build public works such as roadways and water canals
Emperor Qin sent his soldiers to kill many confucian scholars
He had 700,000 servants build his tomb the executed all of them
When farmers died while working on the Great Wall instead of burying them he used them as filler to the Great Wall
Emperor Qin would do anything to be immortal
He did not care if people died while building the Great Wall
Unable to Find Happiness
Emperor in was unable to find happiness
I think Emperor Qin was China's first, great emperor who deserves his title because if it wasn't for him China wouldn't be as great of a country as it is today. He had the Great Wall built to protect China from invasions, he ended feudalism and unified China and, he had a strong government and army that protected China.
By: Joey Belmore
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