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presentation about smoking

Haley McKee

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of smoking

The effects of cigarettes on a human One pack a day priced at $10.00 Cost per month- $300-310
Cost per year-$3600-3720 Ingredients for smelly breath
and nasty teeth Acetone (Nail Polish remover)
Ammonia (Household cleaner)
Arsenic (Often used in rat poison)
Butane (Lighter fluid)
Cadium (Battery acid)
Carbon monoxide (Your car's exhaust fumes)
Methanol (Component of rocket fuel)

<== Smoker's lungs Non-smoker's lungs==> When you inhale a puff from a cigarette,
you inhale tar. Tar sticks to the cilia in your
lungs, and cilia are the things that keep your
lungs clean. When these cilia get clogged,
they dont work properly. Tobacco alters, impairs, and damages
brain tissue, function and structure. Smoking causes 75% of oral cancer cases.
It can cause lesions, lumps and/or ulcers.
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