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Animation Presentation

D&I Media 4th prd.

Karina Marrero

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Animation Presentation

Karina Marrero Oct. 3, 2012
Adobe Flash- is a multimedia platform used in animation, video, and interactivity to web sites Animation Vocabulary Oct. 5, 2012
Motion Path (Animation)- The track of an animated text or image will follow as it appears it on the slide Vocabulary Continued Flash Layers- on timeline that may be objects or drawings altered seperatley Vocabulary Oct. 9, 2012 On Weebly TEST Animation Presentation Animation Presentation Animation Voc.
-Working with Adobe Flash
- Samples of Animation
-careers in Animation CO.
-FAVORITE ANIMATIONS Animation- production of animated films to include drawn, painted, or modeled scenes Optimization- A means of compressing animations to reduce the size of a file SWF File- A file format for playing Flash animation files Flash Tool: Key Frame- Where on a timeline an action such as movement begins Time Line- A means of recording when events occur in a flash file Tweening- A micro media term used to describe the process of making a gradual change in an image D&I Media Flash Stage- rectangular area where you place grafic content when creating documents Flash Action Script- scripted language developed by Adobe Flash Typography- moving text Flaslh 3D Transformation- filter files that help animate layers by using tools 5 Careers in Animation Character Animators- are responsible for bring a character to life. Average Salary= $76k-$83k Molders- create a complex organic models needed for a characters animation. Average Salary=$56k-$125k Backgrounnd/ MattePainters- creates the final environment for the characters to live in. Average Salary = about $47k Lighten Artest-assemblen the elements of a shot in a final composite & composing digital lighting in the scene. Average Salary=$86-$129 System Administrators responsible for configuring, turning and trouble shooting of various in our producion structor. Average Salary= $72k-100k (Videos on Weebly) Vocabulary Oct. 29, 2012 Motion Preset- Predesigned motion paths that are applied to an object and present on a timeline Shape Tween- the motion effect that shapes one object to another object Name Book 5 Popular Animation Companies Pixar DreamWorks SKG Studios Universal Animation Studios Walt Disney Animation Studios Triggerfish Animation Studios http://www.pixar.com/ http://www.dreamworksstudios.com/ http://www.closinglogos.com/page/Universal+Animation+Studios http://www.disneyanimation.com/ http://www.triggerfishstudios.com/en/
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