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Get to Know Japan

Here's a little Prezi that I made on Japan for a school project. Enjoy :)

Daphanie Tuen

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Get to Know Japan

Get to Know Japan
Is your community urban or rural?
Where is Japan?
About Japan
Population: 125,702,883
Is your community developed or developing?
Tokyo is a very developed area. Since there are very good jobs they do have high per capita income. So you would get paid very well. Speaking of good jobs there are a lot of business or office establishments made. Also Tokyo is more wealthier than say Hokkaido which is a developing country.
Tourist Attractions
Jigokudani Monkey Park
Hiroshima Peace Memorial
Himeji Castle
Todaiji Temple
Tokyo Tower
Mount Fuji
Golden Pavilion
Why I chose Japan?
Japan is located on the east side of Asia. It is near China, and Korea.
By:Daphanie Tuen
Land size : 377,944 km2
Population Density: 332649.37km2
Language Spoken : The most common language spoken is Japanese
Japan's National food : Sushi
I've always had an interest in Japan and I've always wanted to know more about it. A lot of the time I hear a lot of fascinating stories about Japan. I know that they have very advance technology because some of the worlds coolest things are created in Japan. I've also been very interested in how the living conditions are because it is very different from other parts of Asia. I've always wanted to visit Japan because as I said they do have very advance technology so the products they sell would be very different and I would just love to experience how a day in a life of a Japanese person would be like.
The community I chose was Tokyo City. Tokyo is a city in Japan and it is a very urban area. There are huge tall buildings everywhere you look and a lot of commercial places all around. At night all you would see is bright neon city lights and big vibrant signs everywhere. There are a lot of roads everywhere and not alot of open space because it's been taken up by offices, stores, hotels, roads, etc. Plus it has a very dense populations.
Hope you enjoyed :)
Factors that Influence Population Patterns
1. Advance technology. A lot of Japanese people are very smart. The new technology that they've created is found really cool and amazing from people all around the world.
2. Culture. The Japanese people look at culture in a great way. They do bring in the USA's culture into theirs. But there are a lot of temples, and ceremonies.
3. Job opportunities. It's quiet easy to find a good job in Japan. They do pay a lot because they have very high income.
How is land being used?
A small portion of the land is used for growing crops. Therefore this would be the arable land. People grow wheat, maize, and rice. They also grow a lot of fruits. 0.9% of land is used for permanent crops. Then there's the non-arable land. This is the largest portion in the whole usage of land. In Japan there are a lot of buildings, shopping centres, roads etc. Which are being used by human everyday. Since Japan is such a dense place you would need a lot of houses, stores, roads, and so on.
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