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The Hero's Journey

No description

Ethan Rabideau

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

By Ethan Rabideau The Hero's Journey In Star Wars
A New Hope Ordinary World Return
(With The Elixir) Leaving Tatooine Crossing The Threshold Saving Pricess Leia... The Returning To
The Death Star The Road Back The Medal Ceremony At The End of The Movie Luke Skywalker's Home Planet of Tatooine The Call To Adventure R2-D2's Message Refusal To The Call Luke Refuses To Go Because.... He Needs To Help His Aunt and Uncle With Their Farm Meeting The Mentor Luke Skywalker's Meeting With... Obi-wan Kenobi Tests, Allies, and Enemies Meeting With Chewbacca
and Han Solo At The Mos
Eisley Cantina. Approach Entering
Star Ordeal and The Death of Obi-wan Kenobi The Reward Newfound Friends and Allies In The Rebel Alliance The Resurrection D

Death Star The ordinary world is the original world
where the adventure starts. In Star Wars A
New Hope the adventure starts on
Tatooine, which makes Tatooine the
ordinary world. T he call to adventure disrupts the
natural way of
life for the hero and R2-D2's did j u
t tha . Refusal of the call involves the hero trying to turn away the adventure, however brief that maybe. The hero commonly uses an excuse as a reason to refuse the call to adventure. In this instance, Luke uses helping his Aunt and Uncle with the farm as an excuse. Meeting the mentor is the moment when the hero is taught by one with great knowledge. The mentor could be an elder, a deity, or even some random guy that lives in your chimney.
Obi-wan is the mentor of Luke and teaches him many things and also lies about many things. Crossing the threshold
happens when the hero
enters the special
world by leaving the
ordinary world. In A
New Hope this happens
when Luke leaves
Tatooine. Tests, allies, and enemies is when the hero is either tested or creates alliances to help him defeat his enemy, but most of the time the hero goes through tests and gains allies to help him in his fight. In Luke's case he gains two allies named Chewbacca and Han Solo During the approach the
hero and his allies prepare
for the challenges they'll face in
the special world. Luke, Chewbacca,
Han Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Obi-wan go through
approach when being pulled into the
Death Star (The Special World). The ordeal occurs at the middle of the
story and is the when the hero faces death at the hands of his enemy or from fear after solving a major problem in the special world.
In A New Hope Luke faces a figurative death from fear after Obi-wan dies at the hands of Darth Vader. During the reward the hero recieves a treasure after facing death. Luke's treasure is rather different as it is his newly gained friends in the Rebel Alliance. Who's That Rebel Pilot It's Porkins The road back is when the hero returns to the special world prepared for the final battle. Luke returns to the Death Star in hopes of it being destroyed once and for all. The resurrection is the climax of the story when the hero is tested one last time. This is usually a seemingly impossible task. In the battle over the Death Star Luke must do the impossible and destroy the Death Star. Return (with the elixir) is when the hero returns from his great adventure ready to change the world like it changed him. Luke shows this determination during the medal ceremony at the end of the movie.
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