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Pirate Project

No description

Joel Philip

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Pirate Project

Who were some women pirates?
And what did they do?
Are pirates real today?
Contributions of some famous pirates
How have pirates changed throughout the years?
Mary Read
3.When Mary Read was born she preferred to dress like a boy. Mary quickly got the hang of being a pirate. She married a prisoner, and later saved him from a duel that he probably would have lost. Eventually she was captured and condemned, but before her execution she died from a fever. (F.R. Stockton (author)) (latinamericanhistory.about.com)
6.Sir Francis Drake
- An English mariner who was chosen by Queen Elizabeth I to go on a voyage around the world. (www.infoplease.com). Queen Elizabeth 1 called him "my pirate." (Val Garwood)
2. Modern pirates have changed quite a bit especially in advancements of technology; they have speed boats, radars, sonars and have several ways to communicate. Modern pirates can also use weapons like machine guns, torpedoes, rocket propelled grenades, and Molotov Cocktails. They have every kind of modern gadget of which you can think. Sometimes its even possible for them to have access to satellite communications. Obviously, with all of these modern gadgets you can see they have a totally different style attacking than they did years ago. But their attitude hasn't changed; they are still as aggressive as they were years ago, but a lot has changed about pirates from the 1600's to today. They're not at all like the ones you read about in books.

Also- http://www.history.com/videos/life-aboard-a-pirate-ship#bet-you-didnt-know-pirates

Anne Bonney
4. She came from a plantation, quickly married a sailor, and quickly adapted to his lifestyle, but later left him for Captain Rackham. Rackham was captured, then Anne criticized him and said he was captured because he was a coward. Later she was captured under heavy British fire, but when she was put on trial, she was pardoned. We don't know if she continued to portray herself as a man or not, but she was one of the most famous female pirates of all time.(F.R. Stockton)
5.Sir John Hawkins
- English Admiral who played a key role in capturing and selling slaves. (www.infoplease.com) (1533-1595) Hawkins died of dysentery and was buried in the Caribbean. (Val Garwood)
1. Although most of the pirates today are only people who download things illegally online, there are still some "real" pirates, the ones that commit crime on the water. Pirates are much more technologically advanced today than the ones you see in the movies and read about in books. They have all different kinds of weapons, radars, and ships. Practically all of the pirate attacks occur off the coast of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden.
9.Jean Lafitte
- French pirate in the 19th century who attacked ports across Central America. His journal was found in 1948, and was researched in Texas in 1980. He captured Galveston, Texas.
Facts About Pirates
Because pirates were greedy, they almost never, if ever, buried their treasure.
Pirates believed that piercing their ears would improve their eyesight.
There is no proof that pirates ever used walking the plank as a punishment. It is thought to completely be a Hollywood myth.
They had rules and regulations so they couldn't get too drunk. They also had punishments for lying, stealing, or fighting on board (however, fighting on shore was okay).
So many pirates had eye patches and wooden legs because ships were very dangerous to work in and pirates usually lost limbs and eyes.
Pirates did not find gold and jewels as much as the movies show. They would normally get items such as cloth, clothing, iron, and other they can use to survive and improve their lifestyle.
7. Edward Mansfield
- A West Indian buccaneer who claimed Curaçao, an island in the West Indies, for the Dutch. (www.infoplease.com)
8. Henry Morgan
- A Welsh citizen who joined the buccaneers at an early age.(www.infoplease.com) He was knighted for his accomplishments and then died from alcohol poisoning on his plantation. (Val Garwood)
Where are there pirates today?

12. Today there are many attempted attacks off of the coast of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden. (historyguy.com). As you can see the majority of pirate attacks occur inside of the circle, but these aren't all successful, in fact historyguy.com says more than half of them are unsuccessfull.
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