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How to Make Inferences

This prezi gives an overview of how to make inferences, as well as providing practice with both videos and text.

Jennifer Pennington

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of How to Make Inferences

How to Make Inferences
What is an inference?
Inferences about Characters
To make inferences about characters, think about the following:
1. What does the character say?
2. What do others say about the character?
3. What is the character's appearance?
4. What are the character's actions?
Use evidence/clues from the text +
your schema (prior knowledge from experiences) = Inference
Let's Practice
What inferences can you make based on the video?
One Man Band
Give it another try.
What inferences can you make from this video?
Bigger than Alexander
For the Birds
What inferences can you make from this video?
Inferring with a Text
Splat! "Oh rats!" thought Katie, as she stopped to clean up the mess. "I hope we have another one." She looked in the fridge and pulled out the carton. One left! Breakfast wasn't ruined after all.

What did Katie clean up?
How do you know?
Inferring with a Text
The scout leader looked at the sky and muttered something under his breath. Then he looked at the map. "Let's get moving," he called to the group of exhausted boys. "The faster the better."

What do you think the scout leader was feeling? Why do you think so?
Inferring with a Text
It was 9:00 on a Wednesday night, Kelly stared at a large, empty poster board on her bed. Then she looked at the stack of books about Fredrick Douglass on her desk. Kelly began to cry.

Why do you think Kelly was crying?
What makes you think so?
Recap Questions
How do make an inference?
What can you make inferences about?
Why is it important to be able to make an inference?
One last thought
Can you make any inferences about the picture used for this prezi?
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