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Adonis- God of Fertility

No description

Elijah Degn

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Adonis- God of Fertility

Adonis- God of Fertility
Adonis is the kind of guy all the girls will swoon over whenever he walks by. As the god of fertility, he is extremely handsome and has won the hearts of two goddesses. Born and raised a mortal, this is his story.
As a mortal living on Earth, Adonis was the offspring of Myrrha and the King, Cinyras. When Cinyras discovered he was going to be a father, he was delighted; until he found out the mother would be his daughter. Enraged, he sentenced Myrrha to death.
She fled from him and prayed to Zeus to protect her from her father, so Zeus agreed.
..By turning her into a tree.
(Best solution ever.)
Adonis has a pretty wacked up family. His mother is Myrrha, and his father is Cinyras. (Myrrha is the daughter of Cinyras.)
His family
(Totally not cropped or anything)
(Pedo, much?)
A Handsome Rogue
When Adonis was born, he was so handsome the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, instantly fell in love with him.
Aphrodite loved him so much, she took him from the mortal world into the immortal one. To hide him from the other gods, she hid him in a trunk, and left him in the care of Persephone; the Goddess of the Underworld.
Aphrodite's Little Secret
Persephone eventually fell for Adonis' good looks and also loved him. When Aphrodite wanted her love interest back, Persephone wouldn't hand him over.
Another Love Interest
To please both the Goddesses, Zeus made a schedule.
Adonis was to spend one third of the year with each Goddess, then the last he will spend with whoever he wishes.
Afraid and distraught, Aphrodite begged Zeus to interfere.
(Adonis chose to spend that time with Aphrodite.)
Unknown to Adonis, Ares (God of War) was also in love with Aphrodite. Angered by this, he disguised himself as a boar and attacked and killed Adonis.
However, instead of dying, Adonis was promoted to a God; The God of Fertility.

Yearbook Entry
Cutest Guy: Adonis
The cutest guy award goes to: Adonis!
It's pretty self explanatory as to why this
person ranked first in the Cutest Guy.
With an adorable face, the body of a God,
and a great personality, he's perfect for
almost any girl!
Party Invitation
You're Invited!
You're invited to Adonis' party! This party will be baby themed, and will be very fun! hope you come!
Guest list:
Everyone who's pregnant
No, Ares, you are not invited.
Get out.
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