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No description

Reah Barton

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of EAD

Enhanced Architectural Design We can hear the word of God more easily

We can see into the heart of God with less block

We can coordinate with God more effectively
Prophetic seeks; Apostolic builds The approved blueprints are in our hands
Partnership with them

Build them Turning around so that it can engage with what’s something wider

It requires the core to be dense Defines future shape and posture of our Congress There is no New Era without that constant, living under layer of the Transaction made with God

New Era, new language
Relational Status David vs. Solomon Tracking Movement Continuing activity that is
systematic and organizational

spiritual and personal “Every saint has to take the responsibility to be core”

Your heart, faith, obedience, tracking, commitment, sacrifice are now core

Every believer must say ,“I am Core.”
To the purposes of God You are now Core! Core Structures One cannot function without the other

If the internal structures do not become more dense, then it will compromise our capacity to look outward into the wider dimensions of the purposes of God Structural and Constructional Heavy movement in the spirit is massive authority,
dominance, strength and overwhelming force. Visual Perception-Massive Movement God is reducing the distance between his prophetic purposes
and our sense of appropriation “Words tune the energies of the Spirit”

“We have to have the right language to capture or to use the new frequency The basic principles and laws of a nation, state or social group that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people in it

The manner in which a state or society is organized; especially the way in which power is distributed.

This constitution given to us by God contains the Enhanced Architecture for the New Era of Congress.
Constitution This is the clearest sign to us that God has heard and received our great Transactional prayer on the Plain of Confluence

God began to speak on the evening of July 4th

The Constitution of the New Era
New Word It effectively marked the successful completion of the last divine phase of C-WBN

It effectively functioned as the birthing point of the newly commission from the Lord to C-WBN. Transaction Event EAD Session 1
A Word from God Review Synchronization Identification The Solomon Dimension Biblical Pattern “The Delivered Law” Constructional Turning on the Core Turning on the Core “Pivot Upon the Core” The Congress is You

If God wants to put new thought, new wisdom, new functionality; God wants to enhance you.

He wants to expand your spiritual activity on earth

Greater ability to walk with God
Constitution and Enhanced Architecture will define us
God is Enhancing You Real Notes! Enhanced Architectural Design "Pivot Upon the Core" Praise Centre-28. Oct. 2012
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