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The Hello90 blog

No description

Andrea Kobor

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of The Hello90 blog

From youth to youth about public issues
We make tolerance cool!
The Hello90 pilot (2014)
The new Hello90
And where's the business?

young fellows read us every day
by XKK
Friday, October 3, 2014
Communication Centre X
Communication Centre X
XKK's development plan
Business plan
The Hello90 blog
- senzitizing the youth to social problems

Hello90: An online campaign + a youth community
100 000+ readers
in the first week
150 000+ viewers
of our campaign video
15 X
born in the 90's
In cooperation with 444.hu
Growing racism and homophobia
Hungarian youth: intolerance and unreceptiveness to democratic values

Far-right ideology popular among the youth
The problem
Our solution
A popular and cool online media about social issues from the youth to the youth
:The second most important point of orientation for the youth
20 000
Companies want to reach the youth with their products
More and more companies want to contribute to the social good
the perfect place to advertise!
acebook ads
PR articles

Articles written in the language of the youth
Explanation of the terms and people that are mentioned
What makes Hello90 different from other blogs?
Gives publicity to the voice of the youth and minorities
Makes young people understand that they are part of society and they have to be responsible
Audience building

people on Hello90 Facebook page already

on XKK Facebook page
Strong cooperation with a big online portal
Facebook ads
on the spot stories
350 000 HUF /month

100 000 HUF/month
Travel cost
50 000 HUF/month
80 000 HUF/piece
200 000 HUF/month
Other creative ads
150 000 HUF/week
In the next 10 minutes...
I will present to you...
1. XKK's development plan

2. The Hello90 pilot project and its experiences

3. The new and long-term Hello90

4. Business plan

5. Cash flow

Main source of intolerance: lack of information/contact
only 43% from Budapest
2 editors
4 contributors
350 000 HUF/month
Total: 850 000 HUF/month
3 000 000
we need
to start
Social communication since 2012

Communication support for civil organizations
CSR communication
Our own social campaigns
Their skin was their sin
Real men don't hurt women
LájkSuli - LikeSchool

Let's develop this one!
It pays off in
2 years
In 5 years...
young people follow Hello90 every day
150 000
talented young employees work at Hello90
outside of Budapest
More informed and more tolerant youth in Hungary
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