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Sweet 18

No description

Mr. Riley

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Sweet 18

Sweet 18 by Sheenagh Pugh First Impressions? Who is the speaker? What is the poem about? Who is the speaker talking to? Activity One:
1) Who are the characters in the poem?
2) What clues tell you this?

Use evidence from the poem to support your answers. Activity Three:

One of the characters is young. At the beginning, the narrator gives brief details of this young man's physical appearance.

A) What are these? (List quotes.)

B) What do they suggest about the character of the young man, and about being young?
(P.E.E your observations.) At least three points with evidence, please. What life-changes are likely to happen at 18? For me: I went to University (first time living away from my family.) Legally I also became an adult.

How do you think my parents felt about these changes? February 4th 2006: can anyone tell me what happened on this date? Keeping all this in mind: what are the main themes of this poem? Activity Three: Draw a table in your book that looks like this. Son Speaker Nouns 'Scars' 'Parasite' E.g E.g used to describe the son. Nouns that the speaker
uses to describe themselves You have five minutes, go! Find nouns that are
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