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AcceleRacers 5: The Edge

No description

Chris Takada

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of AcceleRacers 5: The Edge

Our Goal
Our goal is simple. We (the fans) have wanted the series to continue as it should have long ago. So we are stepping forward and doing it ourselves. To a point.
What Has Been Done?
We have already written the story/plot for movie 5, which can be stretched into a 6th if needed. We've already contacted the original team members, 2 have replied back to date, and one is willing to work again. We have gathered the fan-base into one large group. As extra work, we have also done character designs.
Your Role?
Obviously as owners of the Hot Wheels franchise, we are requesting your permission and help to get this series back on air and finished. With half of the work already completed we hope that we can work together and bring back a missed, but wonderful series that a new generation can fall in love with.

Thank you for your time!
AcceleRacers 5: The Edge
What Is It?
AcceleRacers The Edge is the continuation of the AcceleRacers series, which ended on a cliffhanger. It will be the 5th installment.
What Is There to Gain?
AcceleRacers was highly successful back in it's hay-day and it still has a large fan-base. With its revival, it will not only have the old fans, but it will no doubt gain new ones.
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