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NASA's Budget Division

What we do

Chantale Wong

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of NASA's Budget Division

Budget Division

Develop Budget Guidance
Track Authorizing legislation
Interprete authorization/appropriation laws
Director - Chantale Wong - Elliott Johnson
Mission Teams
Aero/Space Tech/Education/IG - Pete Jimenez, Jean Rayhle, My White, Clemencia Gallegos-Kelly
Human Space Flight - Daren Wong, Rob Carver
Science - Louis Barbier
Mission Support - Serena Martinez, Janice Davis, Jumaane King, Jim Pizzarelle, Nikki Washington
Integration Team - Barry Haworth, Patty Currier, Erin Campbell, Kate Scoggin, Griffin Wholley, Lisa Ziehmann
Analyze budget submission
Manage Agency decision process
Produce budget submission to OMB
Defend Agency submission
Facilitate OMB/NASA interactions
Produce Congressional Justification
Track Budget resolutions
Track Allocations by Function/Appropriations Committees
Track House/Senate markups and floor actions
Track House/Senate Conference action
Track and interpret Enactment of appropriations
Track and monitor Continuing Resolutions
Provide Control numbers for Execution
Develop apportionments/reapportionments (SF132)
Monthly/Quarterly monitoring of obligations/costs/ disbursements
Respond to OMB/Congressional budget data requests
Quarterly outlay reports
Mid-session analysis and reporting
Other Activities
Reimbursable Programs
Recovery Act
Budget Formulation & Execution Line of Business
Stefanie Chan
Kevin Chung
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