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Palo Alto Firewall Overview

No description

Rory McEntee

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Palo Alto Firewall Overview

Wall of fire This is what we played with for 9 weeks Why should you pay $2183.99
for this beautiful blue box? Firewall Features The antivirus engine detects and blocks viruses,
spyware phone home, spyware download, botnet,
worms and trojans. Additional features, over and
above the protection against a wide range of threats Palo Alto PA-200 101 It does things, like filter URL traffic and protect
against evil doers Watch out for
the fire!!! Plug your internet into Port 1
This should be an untrusted port This is the
Management Port!
Identify, control and inspect inbound and outbound SSL traffic WildFire: Protection from targeted and
unknown threats. What We Accomplished Control Web Activity with URL Filtering Control web browsing based on category or through customized white-, or black-lists.

Specify group-based web browsing policies
provided by User-ID.

Enable SSL decryption policies by allowing encrypted access to specific web sites such as health,
finance and shopping while decrypting traffic to all other sites such as blogs, forums, and entertainment.
Thank you very much! Sources



ELearning Course

https://support.paloaltonetworks.com/101_course/player.html Intent Become proficient in the policy development
and the deployment of the PA-200 Firewall. Did we succeed? Mostly. Lots of squiggles. Resources at Our Immediate Disposal eLearning Modules

Quick start Guide

Customer Service Challenges Encountered Everything is implicitly denied

A lot of trial and error involved. Often we would create policies that interfered with each other.

Current software update and product keys for the specialized services had to be downloaded and uploaded manually because of the trial subscription. Customer support did not mention this and we did not figure this out until week 7. We completed 9 eLearning modules.

We created a policy that allowed us to use school computers
from behind the firewall.

We successfully created policies that blocked specific sites
using the App-ID and URL filtering services respectively.

We also created a DOS policy which we have tested repeatedly. They call me BrightCloud!!! Hardware Firewall Advantages

Speed: Normally, the hardware firewalls are tailored for faster response times and can handle more traffic loads.

Security: A firewall with its own operating system (proprietary) is less prone to attacks. This in turn reduces the security risk. In addition, hardware firewalls have enhanced security controls.

No Interference: A box, that is separated from other network components can be managed better, and does not load or slowdown other applications. The box can be moved, shutdown, or reconfigured with minimal interference to the network. Hardware Firewall Disadvantages Cost. Normally, a dedicated hardware firewall costs more than a software firewall.

Difficult to install, and upgrade.

Takes up physical space, and involves wiring.
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