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DNA: Why do people not look alike?

No description

Faith Hartzell

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of DNA: Why do people not look alike?

DNA: Why do people not look alike? Researcher Organizer Planner Creator Your goal is to find information regarding what makes up human beings. What is the term used for the genetic make-up of humans, what is it made up of, and what are the names of the different components of the genetic material. In order to research and find this information you are to use the World Wide Web and/or textbook to find the answers to help your group. Your goal is to take the information that has been found and arrange it so the whole group can understand how DNA works in the body. What are the functions of each component and how can they be represented in creating a structure of DNA. Once understood how the components fit together and DNA works your goal is to devise a plan of how to create such a structure to look like DNA from the materials provided by the teacher. Think carefully, because there are only so many supplies provided! Your goal is to be creative! You need to take everything you have learned and the plan made by the planner and create a DNA structure to the best of your ability. Remember to label the parts! 1.What does DNA stand for?
2.What is DNA and where is it located?
3.What makes up DNA?
1.How is DNA arranged?
2.What amino acids are linked together?
3.What bonds are formed? And How
1.How do the parts of DNA work together?
2.Why is this important?
1.What is the best way to create a structure of DNA to understand how the molecule works in the body to create people differently?
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