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My Cat

Costs Monthly and Annually of buying and caring for a cat.

Ashna Hillside

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of My Cat

Costly Cats
What Do Cats Eat???

According to the Animal Medical Center in New York, a healthy, active 8-pound adult cat requires about 240 calories per day.

A cat would need 1/2 to 4/5 cup of dry food depending on the amount of calories per cup. For canned food, it would need just less than a full 6-oz can per day. You can adjust the proportions based on whether your cat prefers more or less dry or wet food.

Cat Exercise
Cats need to exercise daily!

Dr. Letrisa Miller, an award winning veterinarian, says that cats should spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day engaged in moderate exercise. Some cats will need less and some more, but 30 minutes is a good starting point.
How does a Cat Exercise?
Water, not Milk!
Treats Of Course!
We also want our cat to have some fun food once in a while! How about a couple tooth-healthy treats?
They are only 2 calories per treat, so its a healthy option too! Try giving your cat a couple, 10 is a good amount!
I would buy 1 pack of treats a month, which makes the
annual cost
for food: $251 + (6.50x12)=


monthly food cost
would be: $21 + 6.50 =


A cat has many ways of exercising.
Some things you could buy to entertain and exercise your cat are
a cat tree (to climb on)
a scratching post
a motorized mouse toy (to chase)
a laser beam (to chase and jump)
Some things you may already have at home that could be helpful too:
ribbons or yarn ball
crumpled or tissue paper
an outdoor enclosure or jungle gym.
You should spend 10-15 minutes playing with your pet everyday and let it play by itself for the rest of its exercise time.
$14.39 + $17.49 + $29.88 =
$61.67/ first year
Cats need a lot of water! Especially on days that they have dry feed.
Make sure to provide them plenty of water. You could even invest in a cat drinking fountain.
Bedding and Toys
Litter Box and Supplies
Annual and Monthly cost for food:
3 bowls
$16.47 + $34.97=
$51.54/first year
Exercise Toys
$19.99 + 16.99 + 6.99 =
$43.97/ first year
1 per month
1 count per 2 months. 1 refill is about $9
$4.50/month, $54/year

Litter box and supplies:

First year Expense: $25.99 + 14.99 = $40.98
Monthly for Litter and liners: $11.89 + $4.50 = $16.39
Yearly Litter and Liners: $196.68

First Year expense
First year expense
2 brushes
Refill once a year
once a year purchase
I will also send my cat to the groomers 4 times a year which costs about $50 a visit.
Total Grooming Expense
I will bathe my cat myself occasionally.
Adopting a Cat
The first step is to adopt the cat. I estimated the price of the adoption, 1st time vaccinations, neuters, and check-up to be around $135. It costs $50-100 to adopt one, and the initial check-up, vaccinations, etc cost around $65.
Medical Insurance
Insurance costs about $15 a month plus $100 deductible per sick visit. Considering 1 deductible a year, I roughly estimated that the insurance would cost $280 a year.
Shorthair 8-pound adult cat
First year only
Ongoing Expense
Cost of Dry and Canned Food
Occasional Gifts
Halloween Costume-
Christmas/Thanksgiving Gifts-
"First Year Only" Expenses
"Ongoing" Expenses Each Year
Things break and need to be replaced after some time. Also, prices of food and supplies go up each year, which is why we have to account for inflation.
By adding the percents (varying from 5-15%) starting from the 2nd year, I am covering the inflation costs and costs of replacing broken items.
Inflation and Worn-out Items
Final Costs!!!!!!!
rectangular prisms
compound figure w/
open cylinder
rectangular prism
rectangular pyramid

Sphere as head, conic ears, cylinder legs and arms, many spheres and prisms for body.
Top part is triangular prism
Each treat
is a rectangular
Cutout Circle
3 Cylinders
Cutout rectangular prism
4 Rectangular
Two triangular prisms
Rectangular prisms
Cylinder hole
rectangular prism
conic bristles
3/4 cylinder
2 cone
devil ears
hollow semi-sphere
In my presentation, purple arrows
represent geometric structures and red arrows indicate important info.
Carriers, Leashes, and Collars
Total Cost: $40.97
Cat Fence
At this time, I am not purchasing a fence, but I might consider it in later years.
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