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Change/Continuity over time: Me

For AP Euro, this is a practice outline for a change/continuity over time essay, using myself from the ages of 3 to now.

Ashley Rahbabaa

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Change/Continuity over time: Me

Ashley Rahbarpour Then and Now CCOT Practice
Now Lets go back a couple of years ... 2011 2009 2007 2006 2004 keep going... 2003 2001 1999 1998 ok stop. On August 29,1998 I turned three.
At Age three:
I had curly hair
I had tan skin
I had dimples
I had dark brown eyes
I had short thick hair
I had no piercings

Skipping forward to the present, my physical aspects are... I have curly hair
I have tan skin
I have dimples
I have light brown eyes
I have long thin hair
I have 6 piercings Overtime, from the age of three to the present-day, some of my physical aspects have changed,such as the length of my hair, yet some aspects have also stayed the same. Changes:
The color of my eyes
My eyes have changed from dark brown, to light brown The length and thickness of my hair has gone from short and thick, to long and thin, yet my hair has continued to grow in its big curls. At age three I had no piercings, yet overtime I gradually started to feel comfortable piercing my ears. Continuities:
The curliness of my hair

Overtime, my hair kept its bouncy curls As I've grown, my dimple has decided to stay with me, and I'm glad because to some people, that's my trademark. Since birth, I was tan, and over the years my skin has decided to keep that same color. The length of my hair My piercings My skin color My dimples
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