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Dialect, Conversational Voice, Accent

No description

Nancy Clements

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Dialect, Conversational Voice, Accent

Dialect and Conversational Voice Dialect: a way of speaking
common to a
particular region Conversational Voice: the use of informal speech and grammar Accent: the way certain words are pronounced Dialect: words, phrases, grammar Cajun Louisiana dialect African-American dialect *includes vocabulary
and pronunciation Examples of American Dialects: Appalachian Dialect -
blinky - spoiled, rotten
askeered - frightened
crick - river, creek or stream
ink pin - pen
polecat - skunk Maine Dialect:
bug - lobster
crittah - furry animal
numb - dumb, stupid
scrid - tiny piece Appalachian English Dialects reflect cultural identity
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