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Spelling words


Mr. Hockey

on 15 March 2012

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Transcript of Spelling words

A railroad
under the ground. Sentence: I took the subway home. Protect: to take care of something Subway: Sentence: I protect my brothers. Combine: to put something together Sentence: I had to combine ingredients to make a cookie. Submarine: a ship under water Sentence: When I was in the submarine I saw a shark. Company: a business Sentence: I have my own company. Encourage: to inspire Sentence: I had to encourage my little brother at his game. Provider:person or thing that provides Sentence: The provider made sure we got what we needed. Enlarge: to make bigger Sentence: He had to enlarge the picture. Comrade: A person that is your friend Sentence: Sam is my comrade. Endanger: to be close to becoming extinct Sentence: The Bald Eagle is endanger of becoming extinct.
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