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Unit 18 - LO1 Understand the role of an event organiser

Role of an event organiser Skills required for an event organiser Organisational & legal aspects that affect organisation

Dave Mitchell

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Unit 18 - LO1 Understand the role of an event organiser

Objective 2 – Achieved.
Data protection
Data Protection Act 1998, protecting employees & customers

Equal opportunities
Employing staff, legislation

Public liability, employers liability, equipment cover, property

Child protection
CRB checks
Licenses and permission
Market trading, alcohol, road use/closure, environmental, hygiene factors.

Toilets, lifts

Disability issues
Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Disability Rights Commission Act 1998
Contracts & agreements

Made: Verbal or written (Contracts)
To: Sponsors, venue, suppliers, performers, staff

Health & Safety
Audit, risk assessment, food safety, weather, fire, medical arrangements (first aid, emergencies)
Organisational and legal procedures
Identify who has requested the event and who can sign off e.g. managing director/line manager/finance manager/marketing manager.

Legal requirements
Prices for venue/hiring equipment
Age restrictions/numbers of people
Health & safety
Risk assessment
Supply of goods & services Act 1982
Legal Requirements
Paper copy
USB stick
Goody bag-freebies/catalogue/advertising material.

Legal requirements
This might include: agenda/travel arrangements/accommodation/purpose/
costs/information about the company/product
Supporting Documents

In pairs you will be given an envelope. Put the correct flash card under the correct heading.
Assess the importance of meeting organisational and legal requirements when planning a business event.
To complete M1 you must extend your information on organisational and legal procedures for organising supplies and explain how these can affect the planning of an event. You can select examples such as supplier contracts and agreements for booking venues or hiring equipment and explain how for example consumer protection legislation covers things such as faulty equipment.
Assignment Task 1 (M1)
You may base this task on any type of event.

Describe the role of an event organiser.
Why is following organisational and legal procedures important when organising an event.
Explain the skills an event organiser needs to be able to successfully plan and run an event.
Assignment – Task 1 (P1, P2)
To understand the role of an event organiser.

To identify the role of an event organiser
To identify the skills required of an event organiser
To analyse the organisational and legal procedures which are important when organising an event.
Aim and objectives
BTEC National L3
Managing a Business Event

To analyse the organisational and legal procedures which are important when organising an event.
Objective 3 – Achieved.

To identify the skills required of an event organiser.
In pairs list the employability / personal skills you think the organiser should have.

Key word: Employability – Able to be employed
Key words: Personal Skills – Set of abilities enabling a person to interact positively and work effectively with others.
Skills required by an Event Organiser.
Objective 1 – Achieved.

To identify the role of an event organiser

Setting up the programme
A list in order of what is to take place-speeches/presentations/guest speaker/entertainment/activities/food
Organising - What’s the 1st thing?
Role of an Event Organiser
Organise the venue
Role of an Event Organiser
Preparing and distributing supporting documents
Planning and reserving facilities
Role of an Event
Meet legal requirements
Resource Management
Problem solving
The skills needed by an Event Organiser
Time Management
Communication and interpersonal skills
Role of an Event
Insert school business btec
VLE page
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