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Anthem Imaging Literature

Summer 10E English Project

Matthew Salinas

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Anthem Imaging Literature

Anthem by Ayn Rand Independent/Ego Equality 7-2521 is an independent individual. He is unique, and he thinks differently than of the Councils and citizens of the town. He strives to become better and to be successful. He thinks there's always more room to improve himself as a man. He discovers an old technology unknown to man, and thinks for himself, unlike the rest of the town, on his next decision. Creative Equality 7-2521 has a creative, imaginative mind that caused him to uncover unknown secrets. He wanted to know what happened elsewhere. He wasn't like the other townspeople; he was curious and open-minded. His imagination had good intentions of the town, but its leaders still denied his attempt, and he was sentenced to death. Transgression In the beginning, Equality knew he was cursed and that he had sinned. He had committed a crime by discovering the tunnel, being alone, writing, wondering, learning faster than other, and more. He had transgressed and deserved to be punished, in his head. But in mine, I believe Equality should be worshiped for rebelling and standing up for what he believes is right; not what others believe is right. He does exactly what the law says not to. I chose a circle, because it's unlike any other shape.
It's different, like Equality. I also chose the color white because white is not on the rainbow, but reflects the other colors. I was thinking it as Equality, he understands the people(colors), but he wants to be different: to stand out. Green is the "creative" color and I put items
outside the box to indicate that Equality thinks differently than everyone else. Red is supposed to be the color of flame.
I chose it to represent evil, because flame
is evil/dangerous. Equality transgressed, but he did it to become happy. He did it to be different. Improvement I chose the theme 'Improvement'
because I believe Prometheus only wanted
to become better than he thinks he is. Equality(Prometheus) desired to become a better person. He wanted the best for everyone; he wanted everyone to change for the better. Because they denied and sentenced him to death, he fled and improved with Gaea. He changed from caring for all the citizens, to only caring for some, at the end. I think that's most drastic of a theme. The Uncharted Forest It represents Fear of all the citizens.
No one would dare step towards such a so-called dangerous territory; except Equality, of course. He overcame everyone's fear of such a dreadful place. He fought against the fear everyone had. I chose the forest because it is what the whole town fears. Fear is hard to fight. Equality did it successfully. I chose green for the forest color and made disfigured tree that looks similar to a spear that may bring fear. Anthem is the story of Equality 7-2521 and his experience of becoming better: of changing. He was an independent, imaginative character, who always wished to become better. He conquered fear in order to be better, to be different than the others, and to be successful.
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