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Buisness professional and business casual dress

No description

Tanya Cunningham

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Buisness professional and business casual dress

Business Casual
Business Professional
Business Professional A work dress code is a set of standards that companies develop to help provide their employees with guidance about what is appropriate to wear to work. The most important component of men and women professional wear is their.... Suit His suit needs to be: In neutral colors such as navy, tan, black, charcoal, dark brown, gray, or tan
It can contain pinstripes
it must be tailored to fit properly
the pants must be hemmed to the top of the back of the heels
must have no tears or loose threads
it must be ironed
The dress shirt needs to be:
cotton or cotton blend
solid white or pale blue
avoid shirts with different color collars
must be pressed or ironed
no loose buttons or strings

The tie should be:
conservative and medium width
holiday and novelty ties are not permitted
patterns should be soft and pale
the contrast of the tie should match the suit

The shoes must be:
color brown, gray, black, or charcoal
can be loafers or lace ups, or heels
no sneakers, flip flops, or hiking boots
must be spit shined
with out any scuffs Her suit needs to be: neutral colors, black, brown, tan, charcoal, gray
skirt should be hemmed just above the knee or below
slits can be in the front, back or sides should not be high
avoiding mini skirts

Her dress shirt should not be cut too low and can not be revealing or sheer... Men and women Casual attire includes: Not sure what type of clothing to wear at your job??
thats easy just ask a human resource director... or check out what others are wearing in the office to get an idea.. it doesn't hurt to ask ..... Business casual is crisp, neat, and clean and shold look professional in case of a visit from the CEO. It is classic rather then trendy. Pants
dark or khaki pants that are nice and pressed
no tears or holes
must be hemmed to the top of the back of your heel
long or short sleeve button ups
sweaters and turtle necks are acceptable
no tank tops or tube tops
must not be revealing or show to much cleveage
must contain no graphics or abusive language
can contain companies logo Shoes

can be conservative athletic
heels or pumps
no flip flops or hiking boots
must be neat and clean Buisness Professionals dress for success With both business casual and professional dress... you must have good hygiene
hair must be neat and clean looking
no visible tatoos
wear less jewelry
use your perfume or cologne spareling
grooming must be neat
women must shave arms or legs if these areas are visible when traveling outside your office for work remember to keep your attire the same way you would have it while in the office... tHE eNd Here are two different types of dress you can use in your work place depending on the working environment... Dressing for a job, an interview, an internship, a networking event is a source of anxiety for everyone at some point in their career. Each company and event is different, so it can be nerve-racking not knowing what the proper dress code is.. You want to make the best impression, of course, and your clothes say a lot about you & who you are This is the most conservative type of business wear. It’s what you’ll be expected to wear in the office if you work in accounting, finance, or other conservative industries (or if you just have a really conservative boss!) Next attire is: ALWAYS REMEMBER.....
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