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garey allen

No description

Taylor Murphy

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of garey allen

by:Taylor Murphy!!!!!! Gary Allan country music singer More things about Gary Allan Awesome Picture i love your songs
Gary Allan!!!!! Some little things u need to know about Gary Allan.......... He was raised in La Mirada, California I love all of your songs Gary Allan It is called a show mans life .!!!!!!!!!! this is Gary life ain't always beautiful what does Gary Allan look like?????? this is him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gary Allan Herzberg (born Dec.5,1967) is an American Country Music Artist, known as Gary Allan!!

Signed to Decca Records in 1994!!!!!

You might know him as the guy who sings "Life ain't always beautiful", "Watching airpalnes", "A show man's life", and a lot of other great great songs!!!!!!! About Gary Allan by: Taylor Murphy My fav. song by Gary Allan Mom and Dad Harley and Mary Herzberg Allan said,"I played the bars at night, I was half asleep when i got to school, I thought sleep was what you did when you got to school." beware this next part I am about to tell you is sad and it kinda has a tragic in it. In 1987, Gary married his first wife Tracy Taylor. They since divorced. He married model Danette Day on November28, 1998 in South Carolina and they divorced in June 1999.His third wife, Angela (Whom he wed on June5, 2001) committed suicide on October25, 2004. so sorry Gary!!!!! weight for it bamm that is him!!!! just remember life ain't always beautiful thanks for watching life ain't always beautiful
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