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healthy food

i love healthy food

min hwa park

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of healthy food

I love healthy food!! veggies! meats fats fruits carrot cabbage
beans broccoli garlic pork beef fish chicken good bad good Helps our body to keep healthy Has high amount of vitamin A (for healthy eyes and skin) and C (for healthy teeth and gums & to help iron absorb into the body). Used in different food. A common source of protein (needed to build bones, muscles and blood) and healthier than meat! Most popular food in korea but contains fat and many people here do not eat it.
Fish contains healthy oils and is generally a healthy protein choice
Fried chicken is not healthy but poultry is better than meat and you still can grill or boil it!
Make sure the meat is lean not fatty. if people are too thin people can get illness easier?? if too nmuch fat you can't carry yourself and its easy too get sick (cancer, heartattack etc) Have large amounts of
vitamins and minerals
which will keep you
healthy. Not many fats or calories.
Also used for medicine. It will
protect from illnesses
like cancer! Mmost of the fruits are
contain low fat, sodium and calories
so some people think its a good idea too have one food diet because it fill your stomach without making you fat.
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