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Mike and Ikes


mckenzie vogel

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Mike and Ikes

Mike and Ike Timeline Mike and Ikes were produced in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1940 Just Born candy producer has owned Mike and Ike since 1940 From 1960-1970, two men appeared on the box supposedly the men Mike and Ike In 1980, the mustached men dissapeared from the boxes, and fruit characters took their place By 2004, all characters representing the candy disappeared and they started to make the plain boxes Just last year in 2012, Mike and Ike "split up." From then on , they made the boxes with their names scratched out Fun Facts! ~ No one knows if Mike and Ike are real people ~ It takes 3-4 days to make 1 box of candy Just Born makes 4.5 billion pieces of candy each year ~There is 44 tons of candy made daily Their company Just Born, sells candy in over 50 different countries around the world If you lined up all the candy produced in a year, it would go around the earth 2.5 times There are over 10 box flavors Bubblegum is a discountinued flavor ~ The company is 73 years old MAPS "The Big Breakup" Mike and Ike continue to thrive as a company that people around the world love. Thanks for watching!
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