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The Westing Game

No description

Ann Johnston

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Westing Game

The Westing Game
An important clue was when they got AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL with a few words missing.
The Climax occurred when the four bombs went off.
Summary #1
16 ordinary people living in an apartment building; Sunset Towers, lives suddenly change when they are invited to the reading of Sam Westing's will.
The Westing Game
The mystery book I read was titled: THE WESTING GAME.
The author of this book is Ellen Raskin
The protagonists are the 16 heirs of the Westing will.
The antagonists in this book are the 16 Westing will heirs.
Red Herring
A red herring in the Westing Game was when the missing letters in AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL spelled Berthe Erica Crow, Sam Westing's wife.

The mystery was solved when they figured out that Sam Westing had four identities, and that his life had been taken by Sandy McSouthers, one of his aliases, and, one of the heirs.
Summary #2
They have to plow through bombings, surprises, fights, and deaths to figure out who.... and why one of the took Samuel W. Westing's life.
Why I recommend this book
I recommend this book for kids all ages because it doesn't have a lot of bad stuff in it and it is a really good mystery story. there are no swear words, there are no bloody parts or bad parts, just a clean read.
Why I do not recommend this book
I do not recommend this because it is sort of confusing.
Thank You!!!!
Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!
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