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Ola Gąsior

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of EDINBURGH

19th century
20th century
Scottish cuisine is markedly different the English one.
Regional dishes are more full-bodied.

Revival of folk music
The sounds of bad pipers is present in many genres of popular music and independent.
Many recreational facilities.
Golf and football clubs (Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian).
Scores of ...
The Meadowbank Sports Centre and The Royal Commonwealth Pool.
Fresh meat, venison and fish
Oatmeal in a multitude of dishes.
Breakfast should also enrich the popular porridge.
The basis for the Scottish food are sausages, eggs on becon and potatoes muffins.
Popular dishes you should taste if you are in Edinburgh:

partan bree - krabich claws soup served with rice,
scots broth - soup with lentils, peas and mutton broth or vegetable,
cullen skink - smoked haddock soup with potatoes and cream,
cock-a-leekie - chicken with leek and prune,
hugga-muggie - Shotland haggis served for the change in the fishs stomach,
ubiquitous Scotch broth - lamb with haddock with lobster,
stovies - baked potatoes with onions and ground beef,
haggis - the sheeps stomach stuffed with seasoned liver, hearts and lungs, and oatmeal, coriander, onion and mashed turnips,
black pudding - the blood of lambs with suet, oatmeal, onion and herds mixed in a deep saucepan and served in sheep intestines.
In pubs water of life - Whiskey reigns.
The most popular pubs are: The Clachaing Inn, The Drovers Inn and The Old Forge.
For those who doesn't like alcohol - a bottle of Irn-Bru.
A similar instrument - the violin.
In Edinburgh - traditional dances ceilidh.
Famous dance; the fling and country dances associated with the French tradition characterized by sophistication and nods.

Bronze and iron age - beginning of settlement in the area of Edinburgh
Din Eidyn - beginning of city
From 9th to 11th century
17th century
Acts of Union
The Jacobite rising of 1745
new dictrict - New Town
Enlightenment in Edingburgh
Overcrowded Old Town
International focal point for the art.
Two festivals - the official one and the sprawling Fringe Festival.
Visitors come for the theatre, ballet,music and..
End of the festival.
Edinburgh International Festival
Fringe Festival
Edinburgh International Film Festival
Edinburgh International Book Festival
Edinburgh Art Festival
Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival
Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Edinburgh International Science Festival
Edinburgh Fashion Festival
The Festival of Spirituality and Peace
New Europe Film Festival
Ceilidh Culture
Imaginate (Children's International Theatre Festival)
Leith Festival
Edinburgh Mela
Scottish Storytelling Festival
Africa in Motion (Edinburgh African Film Festival)
Polish Film Festival
Edinburgh's Hogmanay

Important festivals:
A major centre of the publishing industry.
The Scotsman (founded in 1817).
The British Broadcasting Corporation.
Local radio.
Thank you for your attention! :)
Ola, Karolina and Arek
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