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Box Jellyfish

No description

lexi unruh

on 20 May 2012

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Transcript of Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish Introduction Did you know that the Box Jellyfish can kill a person in less than 3 minutes! You can find these creatures in The Waters Of The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. It is one of the most deadliest marine sea creatures in the world! In this Prezi presentation you will learn about the many characteristics about the Box Jellyfish like it's Diet, History, Physical Characteristic, and raising it's young. History The box Jellyfish is one of the most deadly sea creatures in the world. Most people call this jelly the most venomous creature. It is a lot faster then other jellies. Jelly season is almost every month but July and June. The Box Jellyfish has a couple nick names too like Sea Wasp, Marine Stinger, and Fire Medusa. Physical Characteristics The Box Jellyfish has a lot of unique characteristics. It has 15 tenticle's in each corner of the jellie's body. It also has more than 1000 stinging cells called Nemotocysts. Each tenticle has 5000 cnidocytes(harpoon shaped needles). This creatures body is pale blue so it is almost invisable in the water! When it is full grown it can be about a 60cm long and can weigh to about 20kg. It also has eyes all around it's head! Diet The Box Jellyfish eats alot of small fish. It eats mostly zoo plankton and a lot of other small fish. It's method is to wait untill it's prey bumps into it's tenticles then it injects the venom. Some shrimp can tear the jellie's skin so the jellie has to be careful. Some of these creature's preditors are crab, turtle, rabbit fish, bat fish, and butter fish. Raising the young The Box Jellie's babies come from small eggs. they are called polyp when they are born. When they are born they look like hallow cylanders. After they are born they attach to the rocks on the bottom of the ocean floor. Then they are hooked to a stem and wait until they grow older and detach and swim free. When they grow up they go through a process called budding. Conclusion I chose the Box Jellyfish because it is a deadly and unknown creature. I hope you enjoyed learning about my animal's History, Physical characteristics, Diet,and raising the young. I think this animal is extraordinary, with its unusual features. I hope to see one some time soon. References :Encyclopedia
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:http://animals.national geographic.com By:Lexi Unruh
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