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AIESEC Reintegration Seminar - Why a leadership role after exchange?

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Njoki Gachwe

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of AIESEC Reintegration Seminar - Why a leadership role after exchange?

Buenos Aires
Reintegration Seminar
Why a
Role After Exchange??
Why Reintegration?
So, Why Leadership?
What does leadership mean for you?
What about AIESEC...
Entrepreneurial Outlook and Results Orientation
Team Management Skills
lead a team in short time
create innovative solutions
manage people and resources
towards an objective
decision making process
team meetings
operational planning
project planning
evaluation and analysis
time management
tools for efficiency
Facilitation and Communication Skills
ability to motivate and engage people
Inspire Others
Run Meetings
Personal & Professional Development
Study contribution
Exchange perspectives and opinions
Time management
Communication Skills
New Delhi
I don´t have time
for leading!!

Njoki Gachwe
You are not what you know...
you are just what you give...
It's up to you...
You just got back from your trip and you have so many new experiences to share and so many memories that you will hold on for your entire life.
Some of you may feel that this is not enough, that their traveling desire is so high that you are willing to go for another exchange with AIESEC.
Some think that they should offer this amazing experience to other people and would like to become a member in this organization.
Whichever category you fall under, we would like to present to you all the opportunities we have in AIESEC and what each offers.
Some may think that their involvement with AIESEC has come to an end.
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