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Iron and Growth

No description

Caylene Manning

on 17 September 2017

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Transcript of Iron and Growth

Iron... What is it??
"Blood is the liquid of life and affects the health of every living cell and organ in the body" (Marotz, 2015)
Heme iron present in meat products, especially red meat (Marotz, L.R. 2015)
Iron also found in whole grains and leafy green vegetables (Marotz, L.R. 2015)
Iron: Functions and Sources
Image by Tom Mooring
Iron and Growth
0-6 mo - 0.27 mg
1-12 mo - 11 mg
1-3 y - 7 mg
4-8 y - 10 mg
9-13 y - 8 mg (males), 8 mg (females)
14-18 y - 11 mg (males), 15 mg (females)
Iron: Functions and Sources
Iron is a mineral that carries oxygen into the bloodstream and removes waste from cells (Marotz, L.R. 2015)
Along with other minerals, it is an important part of the enzymes, coenzymes, and hormones regulating metabolism and basal metabolic rate (Marotz, L.R. 2015)
Hemoglobin = protein in red blood cells that contains IRON (maotz, L.R. 2015)
Screenshots from "Food Sources of Iron", Dietitians of Canada https://www.dietitians.ca/Your-Health/Nutrition-A-Z/Minerals/Food-Sources-of-Iron.aspx
How Much is Enough?
(Gurfinkel et al., 2014)
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