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amerigo vespucci

No description

jahzeel roacho

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of amerigo vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci




born in 1454 in (Florence, Italy)
died in 1512 (Sevilla, Spain) merchant and explorer navigator

one of long-line gifted italians
(mapped out exploration possibilities)

observed extensive South American Coast

took part in early voYages to New World (1499-1500, 1501-1502)

Discoveries America
theorized there was an unknown continent

in 1507 humanist named Wald seemuller suggested this discovered world be named America (after amerigo)

believed to have discovered mouth of amazon river

sighted mouth of orinoco river
1500 went into Portugese service

under portugese auspices he completed 2nd expedition. sailed as far as the Rio de la Plata, making him first european to discover that estuary

why we remember him discovered that the new world was not part of Asia

america was named after him

the name America was first applied to S. America later to N. America QUiz Time......:) Where was amerigo born? FLorence, Italy where did he die? sevilla, Spain what was named after him? America
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