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Dradh Priti

No description

Nirav Patel

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Dradh Priti

What is Dradh Priti?
“There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.”
Dradh Priti
However, firm love for what?
Prasangam-ajaram pasham-atmanaha kavayo vidhuhu |
Sa eva sadhushu kruto moksha-dvaram-apavrutam ||
Shrimad Bhagwat (3:25:20)
“All human actions are caused by motives, and at the bottom of those motives are self.”
“There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Swamishri"
[bih-kawz, -koz, -kuhz]

The reason he does vicharan, the reason why he continues to sacrifice even at the age of 90, the reason why he has visited over 15,000 villages, the reason why he has written over 450,000 letters, even after receiving eye surgury; the reason why he continues to guide us through thought, word, and action. The reason why he does what he does for us...
I, i   

The Satpurush, whose mahima and traits are written within the Shri Mad Bhagwat. Who embodies the 39 qualities of the Satpurush. In whose every pore resides infinite Brahmands. Through whom Maharaj resides upon this Earth. The one whose each act is the act of God, whose each sight is seen through God, whose every sound is the sound of God, whose every movement is the movement of God. He who controls our lives, and knows us better than we know ourselves. He whose mahima is introduced in the Bhaktachintamani by Nishkulanand Swami...

Eva Sant shiromani, Ghani ghani kahu shu vata | Tevu nathi trilokama, Sant sama tulya sakshata ||
(Bhaktachintamani 2‐6)
noun, verb,

Selfless love, loving without any expectations. Love that continues to exist despite our flaws, despite our constant betrayal, despite our hypocritical tendencies. Love that has changed the lives of millions, love that inspires hundreds upon hundreds to sacrifice everything for it, and love that has no limits and could never be measured or even understood. The very definition of Dradh Priti.
-Swamishri (NC04)
[yoo; unstressed yoo, yuh]
pronoun, plural you; noun, plural yous.

Refering to US. We who are flawed beyond belief. We who constantly fall short. We who cant even begin to understand his mahima. We that make mistake after mistake, and use Maharaj and Swami as spare wheels; to whom we turn when we get a flat tire in life. We who have yet to develop this Dradh Priti for the Satpurush.

Refering to everyone. Whether they are in Satsang or not. Whether they are Hindu or not. Whether they are Indian or not. Every Jiva residing within these infinite Brahmands.
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