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No description

Winnie Huang

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Idiom

Cool as a cucumber
Idiomatic meaning: Being very calm and relaxed even in
difficult situation.
Example sentence:Despite the mishap Margaret
was cool as a cucumber.
Cat's got your tongue.
Literal Meaning:

Cat catch your tongue
Idiomatic meaning:It means that your don't know what to say.
Example Sentence:Why you let the cat got your tongue at the debate?
Literal Meaning:

Bored the pants.
get the blues
Idiomatic meaning:to become sad
or depressed.
Example Sentence:The dull cloudy weather has caused me to get the blues.

Literal Meaning:

Color of blue
AS busy as a beaver
Idiomatic Meaning: very busy.
Example Sentence: I have been as busy as a beaver all morning.
Literal Meaning:
The beaver is very busy.
big cheese/gun/wheel
Idiomatic Meaning:an important person, a leader
Example Sentence: The new director was a big wheel in his previous company.

Literal Meaning
big cheese, gun, wheel
All hands on the deck
Idiomatic Meaning: everyone must work together because
they have a lot of work to do
Example Sentence:The captain called for all hands on deck
as the storm became stronger and stronger.

Literal Meaning:
Put all people's hands on the deck.
Hit the books
Idiomatic Meaning: to study.
Example Sentence: The test is going to be on next week so, he decided to hit the book.
Literal Meaning:
Hit the book.
Zip your lip
Idiomatic Meaning:to keep something secret
Example Sentence: You must not tell anyone who won the contest! We will announce it on the morning news show tomorrow, so please, zip your lip.
Literal Meaning:
Zip the lip.
Idiomatic Meaning:forever
Until you're blue in the face
Example Sentence:You can beg until you're blue in the face, but I still won't let you drive my brand new Nissan 370Z Coupe!
Literal Meaning:
The face become blue.
Literal Meaning:
As cool as cucumber.
Idiomatic Meaning:to make someone feel very bored
Example Sentence:The new teacher bored the pants off the students.
bored the pants off (someone)
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