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Loni Schlothauer

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Rocks Germany Weather they mostly have the same animals as us.
Also Germany is 1/3 forest. Tourism Background information Germany is rated one of the safest travel destinations
Worldwide. and you don't need injections. Germany is also the fifth most visited country in Europe , with a total of million overnights during 2010. I hope you enjoyed my PEZI! I hope you are ready for an adventure Animals did you know that Germany has tornadoes earthquakes January is the coldest month.
July is the
hottest month.+- cool
rock there are 81,471,830 people in Germany.a hole bunch of people live in flats and a few people live in houses. the jobs they have is iron, steel, coal, cement, chemicals, working on machines, machines tools, food, and electronics. Also you can work at the age of 14 but you have to have a permit. the technology I found is cars, chemicals, computers, telephones, and machines. Germany

Parker Yost People The countries that surround
Germany are Poland and France.
the country is 137,847 sq. miles.
the language spoken there is
German. The money called there is
Damster. Also the time difference
is 8 hours. I hope you
Like it!!!!!!!!! Did you en-
joy it!!!!!!!!!
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