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Greener Live Performances through Energy Efficiency

No description

Live Performance Australia

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Greener Live Performances through Energy Efficiency

Greener Live Performances through Energy Efficiency
Overview of Today's Session
Project Overview
Energy Efficiency Resources
Online Tools
Call to Action

Manage risk of increasing energy costs
Provision of high quality, credible information and strategies to reduce impacts
Get AMP'd to tackle Energy Efficiency
Stay connected and play your part
Project Overview
This activity received funding from the Department of Industry as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program.

Project will run from July 2013 through to June 2015 and will deliver:
Resources accessible via web portal
3 x Online diagnostic tools to assess energy efficiency performance
Fact sheets, Checklists, Operational guides, Best practice case studies
Call to Action campaigns
Face to face and online workshops

Project Scope


EC3 Global

How the project will help the industry
Successful energy efficiency gains through:
Identifying equipment, appliances & fixtures for upgrade
Addressing process and behaviour change through education

Gathering market intelligence on impacts
Researching industry relevant innovations
Delivery of benchmarking reports
Industry engagement
Suzanne Daley – Project Manager
Director Policy & Programs, Live Performance Australia

Mark Olsen – Project Consultant, Venues

Lisa Erhart – Project Consultant, Production Companies & Tours

Meegan Jones - Project Consultant, Outdoor Events & Festivals

Web: http://liveperformance.com.au/greener_live_performances/overview
Twitter: @LivePerfAust
LinkedIn Group: Greener Live Performances through Energy Efficiency
Production & Touring
Dynamic Eco Solutions
Festivals & Outdoor Events
GreenShoot Pacific
Follow the Power Planning Pathway
1. Assess – your current needs
2. Manage – through systems and programs
3. Perform – engage technicians, maintenance crew, visiting performances
4. Disclose – share the results with internal and external stakeholders

Energy and fuel efficiency for mains powered events - Fact Sheet
Energy and fuel efficiency for temporary powered events - Fact Sheet
Checklist for implementing energy and fuel efficiency for outdoor events & festivals
Power Planning Pathway – the players, the issues, the challenges
Power Planning Pathway – stage and site audio visual
Energy Efficient Outdoor Events Case Studies
Woodford Folk Festival
requires food traders to complete a detailed equipment inventory of every item requiring power supply – entered via an online portal.
Electricians conduct continual audit compliance, measuring on-site vendors three times a day to guard against overuse of power.

Falls Festival
has identified that incentivizing energy efficiency through direct consumption charges can achieve reductions in power/fuel use. Each vendor’s power use is measured via a user-pays system and charged at the end of the festival. Vendors must provide an inventory list of equipment to estimate power demand and inform generator siting.
Outdoor Events Case Studies
Energy Efficiency Resources for Venues
Energy efficiency implementation - Checklist
Energy efficient public area lighting - Fact sheet
Energy Efficient stage lighting - Fact sheet
Building management systems - Information kit
Managing peak electricity demand - Fact sheet
Retrofitting HVAC - Design guide
Integrating energy efficiency into venue hire kits - Management guide
Best Practice Venue Case Studies

Venues GHG calculator

Bespoke tool created for our industry
Compare your venue’s overall energy consumption with that of other venues.
If you have sub-metering installed in your venue, you can benchmark the energy consumption (kWh) of your performance space(s) with other venue’s performance spaces across Australia similar to yours (visitor numbers, climate zone, size (m2)).
The venue’s GHG Estimator will provide you with key performance indicators such as
 CO2/m2
 $/m2
 kWh/m2

The Redland Performing Arts Centre replaced 24 of their PAR64 1000W lamps with 20 LED PAR64 RGBW (26°) lights.
The lights are working well for a throw distance of 6 ½ - 7 metres
No lighting gel needed as colours are integrated - reduces waste
Enormous power usage reduction: 1000W vs 130W
The LEDs roughly have 10% less output than traditional PAR64 1000W but still suit requirements
Case Study
Venue Stage Lighting

Frankston Arts Centre recently upgraded their BMS system
No adequate control of HVAC for individual venue areas
Limited to a simple on/ off functionality
Flexibly schedule HVAC system from a web-based interface for different venue areas suited to event bookings schedule
Configure holidays and temporary exceptions for HVAC operations with a start and end date.
Increased control has helped to reduce HVAC by an average of around three hours a day.
Next phase:
Integration of their event management system with their BMS, which will enable the BMS to automatically program the HVAC according to the event schedule without the need for manual control
Case Study
Venue Building Management System

Case Study
Venue HVAC

Malthouse Theatre has recently replaced their A/C unit.
Reduced environmental impact: old system was running on a refrigerant called R22, a major contributor to global warming
Better air quality
Better use of return air
Greater control for zoning and timers etc. across the venue
Maintenance & repair costs have been greatly reduced
OHS concerns are reduced
Much more energy efficient than the 20 year old model
Reduction in overall energy bill since unit replacement
Resources for Energy Efficient Outdoor Events & Festivals
Call to Action
We're calling on Lighting Designers, Touring Coordinators, Venues and Outdoor Events to log onto our online tools to take part in our Know Your Power, Baseline Your Venue or Baseline Your Tour campaigns.
Not only will it help you benchmark your energy efficiency against others in the industry, it will also help us to begin building a valuable industry data set.
Online Training is being offered this week or you can access the User Guides
Production Resources
Case Study
King Kong Stage Lighting
Global Creature's production of King Kong is using Eighty-six ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ profiles


• Good for cool mood lighting
• Power usage is dramatically reduced as alternative would be 750W standard stage lamps
• Maintenance requirements are reduced.
• Extended lamp life: 500hrs (standard) vs. thousands of hours (LED)
• LED products do not emit light as 'warm' as traditional lights but with careful plotting & the right balance their Lighting Designer overcame this issue.

The Julie’s Bicycle Industry Green (IG) tool has been licensed for use by LPA in Australia and covers production and touring.

Components include:

• Production freight (transport) – freight mode (vehicle type) and distance travelled
• Performer and crew transport – mode and distance travelled
• Performance statistics
• Accommodation impacts

• Stage lighting impacts (power demand per show)
• Sound (power demand per show)

Performance Metrics
• GHG per energy type
• GHG per performance hour
• Annual energy consumption broken into type
• Annual GHG impact, overall and broken into type

Energy efficient stage lighting - Fact sheet
Implementing energy efficient lighting design - Checklist
Energy Efficient Stage Lighting Case Study – King Kong
Energy efficient stage lighting - Design guide
Rise of the LED Screen - Fact sheet
Energy Efficient Touring and Tour Audit Fact sheets
Managing and Monitoring Energy Consumption
Case Studies
Rechargeable Batteries
Malthouse Theatre used to throw disposable batteries out after every show. By using rechargeable batteries they are saving money and reducing waste:
• 50-60kg of batteries to be recycled each year vs. below 20kg for the last two years
• $ 500-600 per season for disposables vs. approx. $500 as initial outlay for rechargeables lasting for at least 18 months
Still offer non-recyclable batteries as an option for outside hirers as some producers/production managers don’t trust the rechargeables, but they are trying to lead by example and encourage people to give it a try!

Cost and waste reduction: On average, 1 rechargeable battery replaces 93 disposable batteries (if you use them until they run out).
Throughout the product's life cycle rechargeable batteries have up to 32 times less impact on the environment than disposable batteries per 1kWh of energy produced (UNIROSS, 2007).

Perceived reliability and risk
The voltage of an Alkaline battery gradually reduces over time whereas with NiMH rechargeables the voltage stays at a steady voltage and then rapidly drops under the usable limit
With Alkaline batteries the voltage can be measured before the performance to see whether it will last for a show
With NiMH rechargeables, the voltage may be adequate but there is no indication how long it will last
JANDS have released a product that measures remaining voltage via a software platform
Capital requirements
144 rechargeable batteries
Storage cabinets / Power boards
Total cost $1,516
In the same 18 month period, the show would have purchased:
39,936 disposable batteries
At a cost of $14,775

Case Study
Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
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