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Animals the live on Mt. Everest

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on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Animals the live on Mt. Everest

Animals that live on Mt. Everest
The Argali &
Snow Leopards
The Argali and Snow Leopard can be found higher on the mountain than most animals. During the summer months the Snow Leopard and Argali move down to the lower half of the mountain.
Himalayan Black Bear and Markhor
Mountain Tahr and Red Panda
Both of these animals use the mountainous land for protection. The Tahr has special hooves that allows him to escape from his enemies quickly and the Red Panda is a cavity nester where it uses rock dens for hiding. In addition, there are about to be on the endangered species list. These animals are more likely to be found on the lower half of the mountain.
Bharal and Himalayan Yak
These animals are one of the toughest animals that are found all over Mt. Everest because of their ability to travel and withstand the harsh temperatures and environment on the top of the Mountain.
Both of these animals can only survive in a heavy wooded area found on in the lower portion of the mountain because that's where their food and protection comes from. Also, the animals are both listed on the threatened species because of deforestation
Is a goat like animal that sleeps during the day and hunts for twigs at night. This animal is endangered and can be found on lower portions of the Himalayas.
Himalayan Goral
Pikas are native to cold climates and live on the sides of rocky mountains. The Pika is a herbivore which means it has to live on the lower part of Mount Everest
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