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Tungkong Langit and Alunsina

Joseph Benedict Cochoty

on 7 July 2011

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Transcript of Mythology

Tungkung Langit and Alunsina Charaters: Tungkong Langit Alunsina
-industrious -lazy
-loving -jealous
-kind God -selfish goddess
-primary concern with the -her only work is to sit by the
improvement of the orders the window of their heavenly
over the whole confused set-up home and amuse herself with
of things. pointless thoughts.
-responsible for the regular cosmic
movement. Exposition: In the beginning there was confusion.The world is made of mist of formless and shapeless things.From this confusion rose two Gods,Tungkung Langit and Alunsina.These two Gods married and live in the highest palace. Rising Action: Tungkung Langit took the responsibility in writing the world.
His job was to restore order in the chaos and confusion around him.So everyday he went to his job and leave Alunsina in their home. Conflict: Alunsina was a jealous Goddess and because she was jealous she sents the sea breeze to spy on Tungkung Langit. Climax: When Tungkung Langit found out of this he was not please and he divested his wife to her power and sent her away.Alunsina disappear. Falling Action: Tungkung Langit became very lonely but he doesn't know where to find Alunsina. Resolution: Tungkung Langit made the sea and earth and he filled it with trees and flowers.He made it beautiful so that if Alunsina will see it she will come back. Myth as Metaphor, Symbols and Archetype significant prototypes in endorsing concrete perspectives guided by customs and traditions. Myth- *Myhtological critism delves info areas of religion,cultural studies,history,anthropology,psychology and literature. Carl Jung's archetype -significant concept in mythological critism
-pictured as an image,symbols, or metaphor.
-bear effects on "the collective unconcious" and evoke a representation of our existing culture. Northrop Frye's Mythic Archetype -as realism is an act of implicit simile,myth is an act of metaphorical identity.
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