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Advertising Opportunities at

No description

Konstantinos Giantsios

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Advertising Opportunities at

Types of Exposure Advertising
Event promotion
Global press release distribution (PRNewswire) Advertising Sponsorship Annual plan
Premier placement through the site
Premier palcement in newsletters
Ad inventory
Unlimited article and announcement posts
Selected social media posts
Corporate blog
One event promotion through-out network Leaderboard, horizontal and square banners
In daily & monthly newsletters Our Content No. 1 in daily tech news listings (24+ annual daily avg
6000+ news posts in first year
450+ sources
Cover Greek comapies at home and abroad
Cover all technology sectors
News feeds to 3rt party sites & professional media Our Audience 6000+ unique visits
80-90% middle to senior tech executives
primarily male and over 30yrs old
at least one degree
10+ page views and over 5mins stay per visit Event Promotion Event banner
Ad units thoughout the site
Press releases and update posts
Newsletter announcements
Social media posts Global Press Release Distribusion We are Preferred Partner of PR Newswire!

PRNewswire is a market leader in news and content distribution releasing over 1000 announcements every day in 40+ languages across 170+ countries
40+news agencies partnerships
5,500 online partnerships
500,000 media contacts
1m+ monthly visitors to
Over 40,000 companies and organizations rely on PR Newswire

Contact us for more information at Website ad units Newsletter ad units Sponsor Placements 3rdparty sites & social media Contact us at:
Join us at:
WTMNews @ LinkedIn
WTMNews Greece @ Facebook
wtmnewsgr @ twitter About For the Technologist, a technology & innovation news portal
For the Company, a self-publishing news platform
For the MarCom Professional, a channel for global press release distribution and more Promoted Events Why The largest concentration of senior ICT executives
Multi channel network
The most complete technology news portal
Steady monthly organic growth
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