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Education Rocks!

No description

Laura Keller

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Education Rocks!

3rd Grade Music Program
Education Rocks!
Education Rocks!
What we learn and what we know will define who we are..
There's everything to gain in life if you reach for a star!.

We have our minds We have the right to know!
We're getting smart!
And wise!
Our knowledge makes us grow!

We talk the talks. We walk the walks. We know education rocks!
We talk the talks. We walk the walks. We know education rocks and rolls!
yeah, it rocks and rolls! Yeah it rocks!

Ignorance and apathy are not what we need in school!
Hard work will pay off, and that will make us cool!

I like school. School likes me. I'll get smarter, wait and see!
I can learn. I can grow. School is where I want to go!

I like school (repeat 3X) And school likes me!

I like school. School likes me. Education is the key!
I can think. I can know. School is where I want to go!


I like school. School likes me. I'll be what I want to be!
I'm not shy, no no, no! School is where I want to go!


I Like School
Information age on an information planet. Information age in an information world.

I want an education. I'll learn a constellation. I'll build a new computer. I need a science tutor.

I want to fax a letter. I could be reading better. My text isn't sending. I need to track my spending.


What kind of informaton can I get looking in a book or on the internet?
Search engines, data banks, satellite t.v., files and facts and figures available to me!

My homework needs some action. I'll start a chain reaction.
That line is always busy. My dog is acting dizzy.

I'll plan my next vacation. I'll plant some vegetation.
I'll meet another deadline. I'll be like Albert Einstein.

Repeat chorus twice then sing: Get information!
Information Age
T H I N K. Think. L E A R N. Learn. S M A R T. Smart. K N O W Know

T H I N K. Think. W I S E. Wise. T E A C H Teach. G R O W. Grow.

E D U C A T I O N (repeat)

Ah. (2X)

8 beats
Don't make choices you'll regret 'cause everything you give is everything you get.
There's a voice in your head telling right from wrong.
If you learn from your mistakes, it will make you strong.

Everything you do, every action you take
Has a consequence; it leaves a wake.
Be wise and smart, get yourself in sync.
But whatever you do, be sure you think! 4 beats

Repeat beginning!

Group One: Beatty and Kennedy
T H I N K. Think. T H I N K. Think. 4x

(after group one does it two times:)

Group Two: Coyle and Tystad
T H I N K Think. T H I N K Think. 2x

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